Monday, May 6, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's Monday again, so we all know what that means:  It's time for another "Weekend Recap"!  You know, as I sat down to write this post today, all excited to divulge my happenings from this past weekend, I got to you all even like hearing about what my life looks like on the weekends?  Or are you just completely bored out of your mind and immediately click out of my blog?  I hope that I'm not the only nosy and curious blogger and blog reader out there that actually likes reading posts like these! If you guys like catching up on Monday with me, please let me know...I only want to give you something you enjoy!

With that said, onto the good stuff!

Friday night was my Mom's night in much as I thought I was ready for this little get together, the day got away from me and I was running around like a chicken with my head chopped off until the first Mama showed up. So, in all the chaos, I didn't get a chance to snap any pictures!! You don't understand my disappoint and frustration with myself :( Needless to say, one too many margaritas and glasses of wine were consumed and my last mama didn't leave until after midnight...I'd take that as a success??!!
I did come upstairs after everyone had left to find this little nugget curled up in my spot in bed!

Saturday morning was a tad rough dragging this hungover ass out of bed! But, I forced myself because I knew a night of Cinco de Mayo festivities were going to be ensued so I had to squeeze my workout in! Let me tell you one thing: it was as if my body was retaliating against me the whole.entire.time. I was DRENCHED in sweat, and I even ended up giving myself bad carpet burns on both of my elbows from the planks I was doing. I have never had that happen before, so I swear it was my body punishing me!! I did survive somehow...
I wasn't kidding about the carpet burns!  Those suckers still hurt, two days later!

Saturday during naptime I started to get myself ready for the night ahead...we were meeting our good friend to watch the Kentucky Derby before continuing the rest of our night...two raspberry vodka and sodas later, it was on to our fave Mexican joint for margs and tacos...yes, we were just there last week. No, I'm not even sorry about it. Delish, as always!
It was like we were in Mexico...

Three pitchers of margs and a mariachi band later, we stumbled down two blocks to the local bowling alley. Yep. We went bowling with sombreros on. It was fantastic. Made me feel like I was 15 again.
Note to self: Don't wear skinny jeans when bowling...#clownfeet

Please excuse the devil red eyes!!

Our poor babysitter probably thought we were a couple of crazies when we got home, as she watched me scribble write her check. Poor thing probably had nightmares about this guy:
Love you honey!!

Somehow, by the grace of God we made it to church yesterday morning...I had promised my best friend that we would be there and have brunch with them afterwards, so even though I slept through my first two alarms, waking up only 20 minutes before we had to leave, we made it only five minutes late! Score one for the hubs and me!

After brunch, A decided he wanted M to have a bike, so after a little research on the computer about the best bike for a two year old, we headed to Scheels to pick up this little guy:

It's called a Strider. Seriously, check them out here...I can't even begin to describe my fascination with it. M loved it...until he decided that it was twenty minutes past his naptime and had a small meltdown. Therefore, it was time for bed for him and us!

After the most glorious two hour nap M woke up yelling "I wanna ride ma bike! I wanna ride ma bike!" So we headed back outside to do a lap around the block. Everything was going great...he was laughing, talking, and amazing us at how fast he picked up on how to ride it.

Cue Halfway point: a demon came over him. He literally started screaming and yelling to the point where A and I wanted to go hide in a hole. Neighbors were staring, dogs were barking, I even think someone's car alarm went off. It was a shit show. At that point A grabbed the bike, I grabbed M, and we ran all the way back to the house. I rushed him up to his room, put him in his crib, slammed the door and ran and hid downstairs. About thirty minutes later he calmed down and I went in to get him. He immediately said "I sorry Mama." And my heart melted. But seriously. I'm not even kidding when I say A and I were slightly concerned for our sanity at that point. But, he was calm the rest of the night as we demolished a large pizza and some beer to top off the weekend!

All three of us were in bed by 8:30 and it was fantastic. I woke up this morning feeling like a brand new woman...and all the chaos from yesterday a far off memory.

So, moral of the story:
We are not 21 anymore, therefore cannot party like we are...and my little life that you read about on a daily basis is not perfect. In fact, it's far from it! We are a work in progress, and always will be!

Until next time...

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