Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My Ab Workout

Hello darlings!  I want to thank all of you that have popped over and visited me after I guest posted over on The Good Life this past weekend!  I hope that you stick around and follow me as I continue on this blogging journey of mine...

I originally started this blog in hopes of using it as a way to journal milestones in my family's life to be able to look back and remember them years from now.  That said, that usually means no two posts would be the same because no two days are the same, right?  Well I am finding, through trial and error, that y'all are most interested in one aspect of my life more than the others.  Can you guess what that is??

No, it's not my amazing sense of fashion...because let's face it, I'm not anywhere close to a fashion blogger!  No, it's not my makeup and hair routine...again, nobody wants to hear about how I apply my drugstore eyeshadow or how I manage my ever thinning head of hair.  And, as cute as my sweet baby M is, you aren't as intrigued by him as I am. haha!

Nope.  I have received the most comments and questions via e-mail about one topic in particular:  My ab workout.  You asked, and I answered.  I mean, I want to give you what you want so you keep coming back!  But don't get me wrong, I will continue to do the above mentioned as well...I just have had a lot of requests for this so, without further ado, I give you the "Jenna Rae Everyday Ab Workout."

*This is not a workout that has been approved by doctors or physical trainers.  This is just what I have been doing for the past year (after I was done breastfeeding Madden is when I began this workout) to take my abs from this:
   to this:

Like I said, I am no expert, I have just found a method that works for me, to give me the results that I want.  It's not going to happen overnight, but I guarantee that you will notice changes in your abs after the first two weeks!  And always remember, (one of my favorite workout phrases) "If it's not burnin' it's not workin'!"
**Thank you in advance to A for being oh so generous in snapping these pics for me...getting him to agree to this was a task in itself! The convo went a little something like this: 
Me: "Hey babe, would you mind taking pictures of me doing my ab workouts?"
A: (laughing) "You want me to what?  Are you that obsessed with your abs that you want to see what you look like so you can admire them everyday?"
Me: "NO!!!!  I need it for my blog post for tomorrow..."
A: "Wow.  So this is what our life has come to...me taking pictures of my wife doing some crunches for her blog.  Fine.  Just don't tell the guys at work about this..."
Me: "Thanks babe!  I owe ya ;)"

I focus on my abs everyday of the week except my rest day which is Sunday.  I don't do the same workout everyday, instead I rotate through these three workouts, doing them a total of twice per week.  Here is an example of my week for abs:
  • Monday: 
    • 2 sets of 100 hundred "soft" crunches
      I don't do a full "sit-up." I just go up far enough that I start to feel my abs muscles being engaged (aka burnin'!) Also, disregard the lovely bruise on my leg from running into my dresser, or the fact that I'm barefoot...this was done right before bedtime last night!
    • 2 sets of 100 "see-saw" crunches
      This is what I call the "see-saw" because you rock back and forth, with your back slightly off the floor, reaching for your heels.
      • I do one set of 100 "soft" crunches, followed by one set of 100 "see-saw" crunches, and then I repeat once more for a total of 400 crunches.
  • Tuesday:
    • 2 sets of 100 "legs-up" crunches
      With your legs elevated towards the ceiling (as straight as you can get them), your back slightly off the ground, you reach for your toes.
    • 2 sets of 100 "bicycle" crunches
      Bringing your leg into your chest, reach with your opposite elbow to touch your knee, rotating your legs like you are riding a bike. 
      • I do one set of 100 "leg-ups", followed by one set of 100 "bicycles" and repeat once more for a total of 400 crunches.
  • Wednesday:
    • 2 sets of 50 (each side) "side planks"
      Starting on the ground, laying on your side, slowly lift your body up to your elbow so your body is even with your legs.  Raise and lower.
    • 2 sets of 50 (each side) "oblique crunches"
      Laying with your back flat on the ground, move your legs, so they are stacked on top of one another.  Continue by bringing your back off the ground, towards the ceiling, like you are doing a "soft crunch"
      • I do one set of 50 (each side) "side planks", followed by one set of 50 (each side) "oblique crunches" and repeat once more for a total of 400 reps.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!  I will do my best to answer in the least confusing way possible!

Until next time...

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