Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Flashback Wednesday

Ok y'all...Do I have a treat for you!  When I was at my parent's house over Easter, my Mom wanted me to go through my old closet and get rid of anything I didn't want, by putting them in a garage sale pile, a trash pile and then a "take home with me" pile.  Please tell me I'm not the only 27 year old woman who still has things at her parent's house?  Like, seriously, my room still looks the same as it did when my parents built the house and I was a sophomore at the time, so let's just say my tastes have changed just a bit!  And that 5 disc CD player?  Um yeah, still has my fave CD's in it:  Keith Urban, Christina Aguilara, Brittany Spears and I think there might have even been a Hanson CD in the mix!
Lookin' good there Keith, Brittany and Hanson bros...Man, what was I thinking back then??
Anyway, as I was cleaning out the closet, I came across some of my old scrapbooks and yearbooks.  Now let me tell you something.  I don't care how many glasses of wine I had, those suckers didn't look good!  And to think, at the time, I thought I was too cool for school!  Haha!

I came across a picture of my high school was a hand-me-down from my Mom after she upgraded to a 2000 Grand Prix.  I thought I was so cool at the time, to be a Freshman in High School, having my own car that I could take anywhere to school with my learner's permit!
A 1988 Buick Riviera.  I was hot stuff cruising down the street gravel roads with this bad boy!
I went through the phase of being an "oompah loompah" from tanning too much in high school:
Can you spot me??  I am the second one in from the right, in the back row...Classy, right?  How did I ever think being that orange was a good look?
What about the short hair, and single curl bangs escapade:
Again, I'm the second girl in from the right in the back row.  Not only was my hair amazeballs, but how about that oversized t-shirt under my jersey and mid-calf white socks??
And didn't we all go through the "duck face" phase at some point or another??
Oh yeah Jenna...that's super hot.
But one of my favorites had to have been my "raccoon eyes" stage:
I mean really?  Was I trying to be gothic or something?  I just don't get that one!
I could have probably added about one hundred more, but I will save those for another time!  It was hard enough looking at those few!  

Just wanted to share a little of my past with y'all...I hope this gave you a good laugh, because it sure did me!

Until next time...

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