Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So That Just Happened

So here we are, already Wednesday and I am feeling like Mother Nature has some major PMS goin' on right now.  We went from this yesterday:

Yep, that's right. It was 80 degrees, sunny and shorts and t-shirt weather.

Now this is today:
It might only look like it is raining, but I'm not exaggerating when I say that it is 37 degrees and sleeting.  Wanna know the best part??  It's supposed to snow anywhere from 8-15 inches tomorrow night into Friday.  You heard me right.  SNOW!!!  A 50 degree temperature difference with the lovely white stuff mixed in.  It's May 1st, not Christmas, right?  I think Mother Nature needs a wake up call!!

Anyway, enough weatherman talk.  On to the good stuff...So what's a girl supposed to do when she can't go outside??  What any normal girl would do: SHOP!!  And shop I did!  And no, not at the mall or online.  But in a church gymnasium...say whaaaa???  Seriously ladies.  I'm not gonna be too proud here.  I love for my little man to be dressed super cute.  But I also know how hard he is on clothes (he is a true boy, after all) so I refuse to spend an arm and a leg for something that he will only grow out of in a few short months, if he doesn't ruin them first!  That said, I have become a consignment shopping cray-cray lady!

Now let me preface this with a little "behind the scenes" knowledge.  I am VERY picky when scouring the racks upon racks of clothes and shoes.  I refuse to buy anything that is Target, Walmart or any non-brand items.  I figure I can buy those things straight off the rack, in store, for the price they are selling them used.  Not worth my time or money.  Therefore, the brands I search for would be Ralph Lauren, Gap or Gymboree.  If I happen upon a cute boutique item, I will snatch that up too.  But, when you can get all of this:
for $'s definitely worth it!!  I mean, c'mon when items like these:
and these:
and these:
average $2.19 per item, I tell my pride to take a hike!!

M is set for summer (if it ever decides to make an appearance) and I have only spent about $100 for his ENTIRE wardrobe.  Something A actually supports!  (who would have ever thought my husband would support my shopping habits??) This is something that every woman needs to know about.  Because I just know that you probably have consignment sales happening wherever you call home...just google that shiz...I can guarantee that you will find one or two!

So yeah.  That just happened...and I had to share it with you all!

Until next time...

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