Thursday, May 30, 2013

Vacay Recap {The Final Chapter} + OOTD(s)

This is it.  The final entry of my Arizona vacation recap.  If you missed part one, you can read that here.  You can find part two here.

But let's finish up with the third part now...

After my traumatizing tubing experience, I was informed that there were still two and a half days left in the trip and that I needed to suck it up and move I did my best ;)  We headed back to the villa that early evening, showered (which was the most painful experience ever, because not only did my skin burn of fire every time the water hit me, but the "bruise" on my back had developed a beautiful strawberry the size of a melon so that stung like a "b" as well) and got ready for the evening.

We met back up with our friends for a fancy dinner at the golf course we were staying at.  I enjoyed a pomegranate martini, an absolutely amazing kale, beet, pear, candied pecans and dried 'razzcherries' salad with white poppyseed balsamic dressing, blackened butterfish with a light tomato sauce couscous and broccolini, and a strawberry shortcake that was drizzled in a roasted strawberry reduction and served with a side of roasted strawberry semifredo.  The meal was heavenly to say the least!  That was an early night, as we were all burnt, tired and a little hungover and we just wanted to sleep!
sad, but true: this is the only picture of my food that I took all trip!
Sunday morning we all slept in, then met up at a little diner for breakfast before the girls went off to do some shopping, and the guys headed for a day of golf.  And let me tell, we did!  Oh my goodness!  Given that it was Memorial Day weekend, there were sales galore!  Let's just say I did my fair share of damage at Nordstrom's, H&M and Dillard's.  I'm pretty sure I walked away with two new pairs of wedges, a new pair of sandals, four new dresses, a couple new skirts, a new pair of white skinnies, and a bunch of new tops and jackets.  Then, of course I had to replace my sunglasses so I bought myself a new pair of Marc Jacobs and then a pair that I found in the juniors department at Nordstrom's for occasions like the one I lost my good pair on! But I felt better about all of my purchases when I bought the hubby some new cologne and a few new tops...I figured if I brought him home some things then he couldn't be too mad at my little purchases!  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right??
Ummmm hello! It was the half-yearly sale at Nordstom's...HEAVEN!!
These are the glasses I got to replace the ones I lost...I actually like them better anyway, so it's a win-win!
We literally shopped til we dropped, which was around 4:30, met the guys at the golf course for a few drinks, headed back to freshen up, and then met back up for our final dinner of the trip.  This was a catered dinner of lobster and filet and other delicious sides and apps and we finished the night off with night caps before saying our good byes.

Monday morning was a beautiful morning for coffee and breakfast on the balcony of our villa, followed by a walk through the neighborhood, then back to pack and head back to Nebraska.
Enjoying the view during coffee
The beautiful "moonrise" off the balcony
We were sad to leave, but we definitely had a great time just spending some one on one time with each other to reconnect with one another.  We truly believe in doing that every so often, as we feel that our marriage can tend to get stale if we don't have alone time.  We seriously feel like newlyweds when we are away and I love every minute of it!  Sorry for the gushy stuff...

Anyway, I seriously have the most fun picking out outfits to wear when we are in Arizona.  Maybe it's because I typically live in my gym clothes when I am at home, and when we're on a trip I dress up every day, I don't know.  What I do know is I felt the most confident in these outfit selections for this trip for some reason!
Friday:  Travel Day
Saturday Night: Nice Dinner at Golf Course
The "long shot" version
Sunday: Breakfast and Shopping
The "long shot"
Sunday Night: Catered Dinner
The "long shot"
Monday: Travel Home Day
And one more "long shot"
Until next time...

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