Friday, May 10, 2013

Fact Filled Friday {Fifth Edition}

Holy Cow!!! The fifth anniversary of this series already?!  How is that even possible??  I guess the saying is true that "time flies when you are having fun!"  And I truly am having a blast since starting this blog of mine!  I have already "met" so many great women (and a few cool guy bloggers as well) since I started over a month ago!  I just hope that continues...y'all are flipping fantastic for popping over here everyday...I really appreciate it!

Anyway, my weekend looks to be a little low key, as of right now, so let's hope it stays that way.  I know that Mother's Day is Sunday and I am looking forward to being pampered/spoiled/taken care of/waited on hand and foot  who am I kidding??  A has been gone the last two weeks 4-5 days each week, with another crazy week like that to go.   So I will just be lucky to get the guy to maybe run to Starbucks and grab me a latte!  But I will definitely be snappin a few pics of whatever we do, so if you aren't already, check me out on IG (@jennaschaben) to follow along!

And now it's time for another Fact Filled Friday!


  • Remember how I told you last week that I hated Wednesday nights because those are swimming lesson night?  Ummm yeah, my patience was tested again, just like every other week with my little nugget!  Man I love him, but holy smokes...simmer down, child...the water isn't poison!  And, just because, I snapped this little "selfie" so you could check me out in all my "mom-suit" glory! (insert sarcasm...I'm not a fan of this little number)
  • So, I have like THE thinnest hair ever!  I like to blame it on my son because after I birthed him, I literally lost about half my, to combat that, I tease my hair to the high heavens on the regular.  (translation: about two times a week because that's the only time I ever actually have to look presentable!)  So this would be a little glimpse of me before and after...absolutely redic!
  • You are welcome.

  • Being that it is teacher appreciation week, I decided to whip up a cute gift for M's teachers at preschool...I'm not very crafty AT ALL, but when Darci over at "The Good Life" posted some super cute ideas, I took one of hers and ran with it.  Took me all of about 10 minutes to whip up and the teachers LOVED them!  I mean what person wouldn't love a $10 gift card to go get some coffee??  Sign me up!
  • I don't make my bed everyday if A isn't home because I feel like I don't have anyone to impress and why waste my precious morning hours on something so "trivial"...but I refuse to climb into an unmade bed, so I make it right before I climb into totally contradicts itself.  I know.  It's ridiculous.
  • I made this recipe (for birthday cake oreos) that I found over on "Eat Cake for Dinner" on Monday afternoon.  They were to go alongside the "Thanks a latte" card for M's teachers.  Um, they were absolutely soooo delicious that I ended up keeping them for myself...all 18 of them!  Whoops!  Seriously, if you are looking for a yummy quick "cookie" try these.  Trust me, you won't be disappointed!
    Photo and recipe courtesy of Eat Cake for Dinner
  • I may or may not have sat on our deck with just my swimsuit top and shorts on, on Tuesday...It was 75 degrees and sunny and I was going to take full advantage of the gorgeous weather!!  (I had to totally disregard the strange looks I was getting from two of our neighbors...) The fact that I walked away from that with some sunkissed cheeks and shoulders was just an added bonus!
Alright dolls, that's all I have for ya for today!  But, pssst!!  Come back tomorrow for a special little treat on here...I am doing something prettttty exciting!!

Anway, enjoy your weekend and to all you Mamas out there, let me be the first to say:  Happy Mother's Day!!

Until next time...

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