Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Rewind

Holy cow…wait a second…is this right??  Am I actually posting on a Monday, for once?  And about something other than strictly babe updates?  I should probably go check my temperature to make sure that I am not running a fever, because this hasn't happened in a verrrrrrry long time!  And it's not like this weekend contained any life shattering events or anything out of the ordinary, but sometimes those are the ones that I like the best.  Just spending some quality time with the two main men in my life and doing things as a family…Here's what went down over in this neck of the woods:

Friday afternoon Aaron came straight home once he landed after being gone for work all week.  We hit the open road around 3:30 to head North about 45 minutes to attend my Dad and Brother's cattle sale.  Wait, what??  You probably think that I sound like a total hick when I say we all went to a cattle sale…and it's just like you would think…one by one, each cow or heifer is herded into a pen, the auctioneer starts the bidding, people place their bids and the highest bid "wins" the cow.  Now, how exciting can that really be, you are probably wondering.  Well, when out of the 120 cows and heifers sold, the average selling price was $6,500, it actually is pretty interesting!  There were cows selling for $19,000-$20,000 a piece.  It made for quite an adrenaline rush.  Especially knowing how hard my Dad and little Brother work to get them to that point.  This was just the first one of the six sales they have all year, but every one is just as fun.
This kid sat through the entire 2 hour sale.  He loved every single minute.  
We followed up the sale by getting a steak dinner with my entire family (Mom, Dad, Sister and her husband, Brother and his girlfriend, both sets of my grandparents, and a few of my uncles and aunts.)  It was a great time watching everyone else have a few too many beers and cocktails in celebration, while I sipped on my water…Oh well.  We didn't get home until after midnight, so that meant that little man slept in until about 10:00 on Saturday morning!  That right there was worth the late night ;)

Saturday, after everyone came to life, even though I was up and at 'em by 6:30 because of my highly active bladder, I spent the majority of the day cleaning.  Which seems to be a never ending process around here.  I actually question why I clean every week, or every other week, when I know that a tiny little tornado is just following right behind me, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.  I can only imagine what it will be like when there are two of them!  EEEEKKK!!

Saturday night we headed to church, where we ended a week long fast…but don't worry, I didn't fast any food, I just chose to fast my social media of Instagram and Facebook.  Sooooo, if you were wondering where I was all week, that would be where…It really made me clear my mind and realize all of the stuff I could accomplish by not crowding my free time with that.  Now, I am back, but I made a promise to myself that I will definitely limit my time to spend more time with Madden.  Which is who I think was suffering the most from my obsession!  Anyway, after church, the three of us headed to my fave mexican restaurant (remember my love for spicy food?)  Oh yeah, this girl and the babe ate chips and salsa, a cheese enchilada and a beef soft taco until I couldn't eat another bite.  And let me tell you, I felt like a bloated chicken afterwards.

Speaking of bloated, I had told Aaron that I felt bloated all day because I thought I was retaining water from too much salty food the night before and not enough water…but he just laughed and said, "no, you are just finally starting to pop…like any 18 week pregnant lady should be!"  But, as a woman, I knew that the baby "bump" was more than just baby…so I drank water like it was my job yesterday and seriously, look at the difference.  Picture on the left is from Saturday night before church (this was even pre-mexican indulgence) and picture on the right is from this morning.  You be the judge…
Sunday morning we all slept in, before Aaron and I hit up a spin class at one of our gyms, while Madden played in the child center.  Let me tell you…I thought I was in shape, but I haven't done a spin class in a couple years and woooooweeeee!!!  That class kicked my butt!!  It was a lot of fun, but I am definitely feeling the burn today!

After spin, we grabbed lunch at our favorite Greek place, before heading home.  Where I proceeded to bake all afternoon.  Like two different batches of cookies, and a pan of cookie bars.  Trust me.  I sent them all with Aaron to work this morning because I CANNOT have that stuff within smelling reach or I will devour each and every single one.  #truth.

Sunday night was laid back with some Grammy's, while the boys played legos.  Madden was in bed by 7:45, we were in bed immediately after that, watched a quick episode of Breaking Bad, then called it a night by 8:45…But not before Aaron got to experience the best moment of the weekend…he got to feel the babe kick…and not just any old butterfly flutters, these were hard core soccer kicks y'all.  I've been feeling this for a few weeks, but for him to feel them, just made my weekend.  It was fantastic.

Anyway, we are back at it today.  Below zero temps today, after being 48 degrees yesterday.  Story of our lives around here.  Is it spring yet??

Until next time...

Monday, January 20, 2014

17 Week Bumpdate

First off, I want to express my gratitude and love for each and every single one of you!  Your condolocenses and sympathy for my Aunt's passing mean more to me than I could ever express.  It was a tough week last week, with visitation and her funeral, but her funeral was beautiful, the church was standing room only, and all of my family came together to support her daughters and husband as they grieved.  We all shared our great memories of her, and there were just as many laughs as there were tears.  She is in a much, much better place, and that is what puts me at peace.  Again, I thank each and every one of you for reaching out.  I can't even explain how happy you all make me.

Anyway, on a different note, let's get back to the weekly bump dates!  I missed week 16, since that was last week, but we will pick back up with week 17…

How far along?: 17 weeks 

Size of baby?: A sweet potato or 5.5 inches and 5 oz

Total weight gain?: up 1 lb from my previous appointment a month ago, to make it 4 lbs as of my check up last Thursday.  Which was a huge surprise considering that we had Christmas, a birthday party and New Years stuck in there…where I ate anything and everything I wanted!  I don't expect this slow weight gain to stick around for long though…I am growing a human after all ;)

Sleep?: sleep has been pretty great, except I just wish I could make it one full night without having to wake up to go to the bathroom…that's getting pretty dang annoying!

Maternity Clothes?: Still living in my maternity leggings…they are like butter in heaven (or at least what I expect butter to feel and taste like in heaven…).  The hubs and I also picked up a few basic maternity 3/4 sleeve and a couple basic maternity short sleeve tops for layering.  I mainly wanted them just for the length to cover my hiney when wearing my leggings…ain't nobody wanna see a preggo behind jiggling in her maternity leggings! 

Stretch Marks?: Nope! But I am lathering up with bio oil and Palmer's Cocoa Butter every night before bed like I did last time, so I'm hoping to keep those at bay!!

Best Moment this Week?: Going to my "16 week check up" which was actually at 17 weeks, and even though we didn't get to see the babe, we did get to hear it's heartbeat!  I honestly questioned my doc and asked him if he was sure that it wasn't my heartbeat we were hearing because it was so strong and loud!  The absolute BEST sound in the world! 

Have you told family and friends?: Yes!!

Miss anything?: Ha! This week my craving for sushi has hit an all time high!  I have never wanted a salmon roll and california roll more in my life...

Movement?: YES!  It is becoming increasingly stronger each day and I'm no longer questioning if it's gas or the babe anymore…Actually, while working out last Friday, I was doing some ab work and I couldn't decide if he/she was having a dance party in there or if he/she was just ticked that I was disturbing its warm little slumber!

Food cravings?: I am trying to do a much better job of not giving into everything I want like I did over the holidays, but there are just some cravings that are just too strong to avoid.  Case in point, I have been loving anything super spicy!  Indian and Thai food have definitely become my fave weekend picks!  And, give me sriracha or red pepper flakes on anything…yummy in my tummy!  What are the old wive's tales on what spicy food cravings mean?  Is that girl or boy???

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nope!  Which is a blessing and a curse…because it just means that pretty much everything sounds good to me right about now!  Ha!

Have you started to show?: I do have a definite "food baby" going on.  Which, as any preggo woman knows, when you are pregnant, especially at this stage in the game, you want people to know that it is in fact a baby in there and not just bloat from too many beers or cookies from the night before!  So, I'm still struggling with that "in between" stage.
I know I promised a better bump picture this week, but never the less, I failed…my goal this week: GET A STAGED (with makeup and hair did) BUMP PICTURE!!!

Gender prediction?:  I'm still going to say boy, just because I want to prove my husband wrong! No, I honestly don't have a premonition either way with this one like I did with Madden, so it's actually kind of fun! And we won't know either way until the little nugget joins our family on his/her birthday, as we aren't finding out!! 

Labor signs?: heck no!! Let's hope this isn't a question at all, since we will have a scheduled c-section!!

Belly button in or out?: it is definitely becoming a lot more shallow…and the top part is trying to pop out :)

Wedding rings on or off?: On!

Happy or moody lately?: I have been very happy…in fact, I've been told at least 3 times in the past week that I am just "glowing" and that I look super happy.  Which, I don't know about the "glow" thing, but I definitely am going to enjoy each and every minute of this "honeymoon stage"!

Looking forward to?: I know this is a ways off, but I'm so excited to see Madden as a big brother.  He has this thing of asking to talk to the baby almost nightly and it makes me so incredibly happy to hear and see his excitement!  He is so ready for a little playmate and to have someone else steal his spotlight for a bit…as he is becoming increasingly spoiled ;)  

Until next time...

Monday, January 13, 2014

Heaven's New Angel

I have talked quite a bit recently on this little space of mine about the most exciting thing to happen to my family in a long time...and don't get me wrong, I will still continue to keep you in the loop about this tiny babe of mine, but today I wanted to switch gears. I wanted to take the time to dedicate this post to a very special lady. My Dad's youngest sister, my Aunt Rikki. 

After 25+ years of battling the devil of a disease known as anorexia, heaven gained a new angel yesterday. Even though she hadn't been the same charismatic, full of life person I knew her to be for the last five years of her life, she was one of the strongest women I know. 

It may sound strange or seem weird that a woman who was fighting a very "selfish" disease could be known to me as strong, but she was. She would do anything for anyone. She would drop what she was doing to lend a helping hand or to be a shoulder to cry on, or to cheer you on. 

I made her an Aunt at the young age of 14, and she took that title seriously. She cared for me as if I were her own. I remember having slumber parties at her house before she was married, being so proud to stand up for her as a Junior Bridesmaid at her wedding, and to go on lots of trips with her and my uncle. She helped me plan our wedding, helped me decorate our house when we moved in two years ago, and would take me and Madden shopping whenever she came to town. I was her "Punky" and she was my idol. 

Although I didn't agree with her lifestyle, I knew she couldn't help the disease that had taken over her body. She had lost control and being the strong willed woman that she was, she would not accept help. Do I wish we would have done more? Yes, of course I do. But we can't turn back the clock. And I don't want to focus on the negatives. I just wanted to remember her for all the good times she brought to my life. 

I loved her more than she will ever know. She will be missed beyond measure, but I know that she isn't suffering anymore. Instead she is free from the chains of that awful disease and is wrapped in the arms of our Father, and living in joy and peace for eternity. 

I love you, Rikki. You are gone from this earth, but never from my heart...
Until next time...

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So What??

It's been a hot minute since I last linked up for the "so what Wednesday" link up, and I'm just feeling so "blah" today, so this just fit perfectly! 

Here's what I'm saying "so what" to today...

So what:

-If I am living on (cold) honey crisp apples and clementines...I'm not just talking about a couple a day, I'm saying like at least 4 apples a day and about 10-12 clementines. Is this normal? I guess things could be worse. :)

-If, Speaking of food, one new, weird lunch craving is cottage cheese. But not just plain cottage MUST be topped with salsa or sirracha! 

-If, I used almost all of my Christmas money on new workout gear...I mean, you can't beat Old Navy's active sale!! I may have gotten 5 pairs of new compression capris this past weekend when they were $10 a pair...and maybe 6 or 7 new "baby friendly" workout tanks. Whoops! At least if I feel like I look cute, I will be more motivated to not skip a workout!

-If I need to invest in some new bras...I never thought I'd see the day where these bad boys jump two cup sizes...and we are only 16 weeks in. I'm kind of scared to see where I end up in 23 weeks. The hubs has no complaints though ;) (in a look, but don't touch, kind of way) ha!

-If my laundry pile is the size of a mountain. Granted, it's all clean and folded, it's just in one big pile. Am I the only one who's least favorite part of laundry is putting it all away? I have made it a priority for our next house to have the laundry room in the master amazing would that be?!

-If, now that Christmas and New Years are over, I'm ready for spring. I hate this time of's too cold to go outside, everything is dead, and it's just ugly outside. Plus, Madden and I are getting a little bit of cabin fever being stuck inside day after day!

-If the hubs and I are OBSESSED with Breaking Bad...we will watch at least one, if not two episodes at night on Netflix, and we can't get enough! Anybody else fanatics?? We also need suggestions for the next series to start after this one...we are almost through season five and I'm dreading the finale because I don't want it to end!

Well, y'all, have yourself a great Hump Day! 

Until next time...

Monday, January 6, 2014

And the "Bumpdates" Begin...week 15

I know I'm a little late to the game as far as staying up to date with my Bumpdates, but I knew I wanted to document this pregnancy, so there is no time like the present to start! 

Let's get to it...starting with week 15!
*I apologize for the low quality "bathroom bump selfie..." I promise next week will be better!

How far along?: 15 weeks :)

Size of baby?: An avocado or 4-5 inches and 3-5 oz

Total weight gain?: 3 lbs as of two weeks ago at my last appointment...probably at least 10 by now, especially after all of my holiday eating and snacking! 😳

Sleep?: sleep has been decent, besides having to wake up at least once or twice to go potty! But I'm able to fall right back to sleep, so it doesn't affect me too much! I'm in bed by 8:30, and I'm up by 5:45 to workout before I start my day. I also take a 20-30 minute nap when Madden naps every day so this really helps with the exhaustion! 

Maternity Clothes?: I didn't buy any when I was pregnant with Madden, but I had just lost 50 lbs, so I was able to use a lot of my "fat girl" clothes to get me through...this time around (since I don't have any of those clothes left) I've only bought maternity leggings and one pair of jeans because any other preggo girl I've talked to has sworn by them. And boy oh boy, let me tell you...they are AMAZING! I am living in them, paired with boots and pre-pregnancy tunic tops and long fitted tees and tanks with cardigans. And will be until late spring! :)

Stretch Marks?: Nope! I didn't get any with Madden, so I'm hoping I'm lucky this time around too...but I did lather up with bio oil and Palmer's Cocoa Butter every night before bed last time, so I will start doing that very soon! Prevention is key!

Best Moment this Week?: Moving all of the baby furniture into the nursery and getting it arranged the way I want it! I still want to paint and decide on a theme, but to see the once empty room across the hall full of baby stuff, makes my heart soooo happy!!

Have you told family and friends?: Yes!! We told our immediate families (Parents and siblings) over Thanksgiving when we were 10 weeks by putting together a "I am thankful" shutterfly book from Madden. Where the last two pages included "I am especially thankful for...Baby!!" It was quite the hit! We then waited to make the big announcement to the rest of family and friends until the weekend before Christmas. Such a fun time!!

Miss anything?: Ha! Honestly, Aaron and I had a date night on Friday and when we were done with dinner and it came time for dessert (I always make room for dessert) ;) I had a major craving for a chocolate martini!! Man oh man, I've never wanted one so bad in my life! But other than a random yummy cocktail, I don't miss too much else!

Movement?: As a matter of fact, right before I started this post, I just sent my hubs a text saying this:

Food cravings?: I have been LOVING me some clementines (like I eat 4 or 5 at a time) and honey crisp apples...I also am on a big cereal kick!! In fact, whenever the hubs is traveling for work, it's been pretty typical of me to have a couple bowls for dinner! Loving cinnamon toast crunch and lucky charms a lot right now!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Not anymore!! The first few weeks I couldn't come close to eggs or anything pumpkin...which was very sad because I am a HUGE pumpkin lover!! But now we are good to go! 

Have you started to show?: well...I've got a little bump, but most people can't even tell...I'm in the stage of "I just feel bloated like a stuffed can of biscuits" and I hate this stage!! 

Gender prediction?: actually, I thought my prediction was boy all along...but Aaron is dead set that it's a girl. And now, all of our friends or any family that we know that are due around us are ALL having boys, so someone is due to have a girl, right? I honestly do not care either way! And we won't know either way until the little nugget joins our family on his/her birthday, as we aren't finding out!! 

Labor signs?: heck no!! Let's hope this isn't a question at all, since we will have a scheduled c-section!!

Belly button in or out?: in, for now, but I know it will pop out because it totally did with Madden!!

Wedding rings on or off?: On!

Happy or moody lately?: if you ask my hubs, he would honestly tell you that I've been extremely happy lately...As that wasn't always the case! I think that now that the news is out in the open, I feel sooo much more excited about this all!

Looking forward to?: my appointment next week...I love getting to hear the babe's heartbeat and making sure everything is still thriving inside! :)

Until next time...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

A long awaited prayer is finally answered...

Well hello there!! Happy New Year! I hope y'all had a fantastic Christmas and a spectacular New Year...I know that this was one of our best one's yet!

First of all, I just want to thank each and every one of you for your sweet words, congratulations and uplifting overall excitement at the announcement of our big news from last week! It means more than any of you will ever know, and I am more than grateful for this supportive little family that I have here, in blog land. You all hold a special place in my heart and I could never thank you enough!

Obviously my absence has been noticeable around these parts, and I apologize for killed me not to share with y'all this monumental moment in my life as soon as I saw those two pink lines appear on that stick a whopping 11 weeks ago! It took all my self control to not leak the news! 

On top of not making this public until last week, I've been battling some major exhaustion and some pretty nasty! Buuuuut, I have not, nor will I ever complain about any of the symptoms that come with this pregnancy. We have waited, prayed, shed lots of tears and prayed some more for this  and I thank God for each and every symptom I have endured in these past 15 weeks. I gladly welcome them with open arms, knowing that it is simply my tiny babe just growing and thriving inside me...which is still crazy to me to say! 

Anyway, if you haven't already done the math, yes, I am 15 weeks today. Which means I took the long awaited test  on October 20th (the day after my sister's wedding) a mere 11 weeks ago...time has flown and I couldn't be more excited.

So, I promised you last week that I would share the story on how we found, here is the abbreviated version (as to not bore you!)

As you all know, we have been trying to conceive since May of 2012...but not taking medical assistance until May 2013. Which meant 1 round of clomid (with no success) followed by 3 rounds of Fromara (with no success), a dye test to check my tubes for blockage (which led to a clean result), followed by one final round of Fromara at the end of September. Which, after that last round, we had decided to just let things happen on their own if nothing happened. 

Well, as you all remember, my sister got married on October 19th, and I was due to start my cycle on the 18th (the day before her wedding.) Aaron and I had both decided that even if it didn't start, I would wait to test until after the wedding as to not distract myself from my MOH duties, and more importantly, my sister's long awaited big day.

As much as it killed me, I waited. Because the 18th rolled around, and nothing happened. I remember going to bed that night just praying and having this sense of overwhelming peace that something was happening. That we had finally made a baby. 

But, I put all of those thoughts, feelings and emotions on the back burner the next day and a half to celebrate my sister and the new life she was about to begin. And, looking back, I am so glad that I did. I wouldn't do it any other way.

Sunday was spent watching my sister and her husband opening presents, before heading back to Omaha that evening. You better believe the first stop I made when I got into town was to my local walgreens to pick up a few pregnancy tests! I rushed home to my husband sitting on the couch watching football, gave him a quick peck on the cheek before heading to take the test.

I did my deed, put the lid on and set it on the shelf and closed the door. I didn't want to look at it until the "required" 3 minutes were up. I headed back out into the living room, trying to keep myself distracted by playing with Madden, unpacking our bags and starting a load of laundry. Finally, after about 10 minutes, I decided to open the door to see what the stick had to tell me.

I remember grabbing it, eyes closed, with shaking hands, and butterflies in my stomach. When I opened my eyes, I instantly had tears in my eyes. I walked back into the living room, stick in hand, to my husband asking the question "so...what did it say?" Which is when I collapsed into the floor, crying hysterically...he hopped up immediately, to comfort me, saying "it's ok babe. We will keep trying. It will all be ok." I looked up at him, came to my feet and said "no, babe, look!!!! We did it!! I'm pregnant!"

We stood there for what seemed like hours, just hugging and embracing each other, as I cried tears of joy and he smiled bigger than I have ever seen him smile. It was one of the greatest moments of my life, and I will never forget how I felt then and there.

June 26, 2014. The estimated due date of babe #2. So much to look forward to in the next (less than) six months. And I cannot wait to experience each and every minute.

Now I want to open it up to you guys...what questions do you have for me? Any and all questions are welcome! I cannot wait to share all about this pregnancy with y'all as I want you to be a part of the entire ask away! I am an open book!

Until next time...