Saturday, May 11, 2013

Hello Sunshine! Guest Post at The Good Life!

Hello lovelies!  Are you surprised to be seeing me on a Saturday??  Well, I am so excited to be doing my first guest post today!  You can find me over at "The Good Life" as I am posting for the beautiful Darci!  This lovely little Mama was oh so gracious at allowing me to guest on her blog and it means the world to me.  You see, Darci was the first person to comment on my first blog post ever and I was as giddy as a school girl when I saw that my first comment was from her!  I have been following her absolutely adorable little family for some time now, so I felt as though I knew her me, that comment was as though a celebrity had left me a note.  :) It literally made my day!  Anyway, back to the good stuff...

Join me over on Darci's blog today as I lust over my summer fashion must haves for Me and my little guy with a post title of:  "Mama and Mini Summer Fashion Faves."  Who says dressing cute and "matching" your mini is only for the gals?  Not this Mama!  Hop on over and see exactly what I'm craving.  You won't be disappointed.

Until next time...


  1. Just found you from The Good Life, looking forward to reading more! Hope you check us out at!


    1. Hi Julie!! I am so glad you popped over to say hi!! You are too sweet for following along...I will definitely be following you!! :)