Thursday, May 9, 2013

Finish the sentence Linkup

Hey all! I know I have been kind of serious on this little blog lately, and I wanted to lighten the mood a bit...So, I am so excited to be doing my first ever Linkup!  I have been following Holly over at "Where we can live like Jack and Sally" for a while now, and absolutely adore how hilarious she is.  She is bluntly honest and I crack up on the regular over her posts.  With that said, I have seen her post this linkup before, but I've never bitten the bullet, until follow along as I Finish the Sentence!


Unlike my sibling(s) (that I love very much)...I am the only one out of the three that packed my bags and left the hick town that I used to call home...I'm sorry, but when Wal-Mart is the local hangout, this girl couldn't wait to say "see ya later!"

My best friend says...I should open a bakery and sell the sweets that I bake.  I tell her I would be a two ton Tony if I baked for my living!

People call me...Who am I kidding. The only people who call me are my Mom and hubby. that not what we are talking about here??  I digress...

I most often dream...About birthing elephant sized babies and never being able to walk right again!  True story...and I'm not even preggo! (Slightly scarred for life on my first pregnancy, perhaps??)

The best part of my when I lay my son down for his nap and I have 2 whole hours to stalk read my fave bogs, facebook and instagram.  Who cares that I have hit the "restart" button on the dryer for the 5th time today?

I really don't understand...what my two year old is saying most of the time.  It's like trying to decipher a foreign language.  

I get really annoyed...When the hubs watches one of my DVR'd shows without me and accidentally "deletes" it.  Never mess with a girl and her shows!

There's nothing like a...Sonic Happy Hour.  Route 44 Diet Cherry Limeaid for $1.04??  Sign me up!

Lately, I can't get enough...chocolate in my pie hole.  It doesn't matter what "time of the month" it is, if you say the word chocolate, I'm like a bull looking for a cow in heat.  

One thing I am NOT is...a singer.  I may have overheard myself singing happy birthday to my son on my hubby's phone the other day and it sounded like a wounded dog. (shivers...)

I spent too much money on...groceries last week.  Like $150 too much.  Note to self: don't ever go grocery shopping right before dinner...even the two day old ham salad at the deli looked too good to pass up.
I want to learn....a foreign language like French...maybe then I could interpret my toddler??

If I ever met _Channing Tatum__, I would...not even be mad if he just happened to slip his shirt off and bust into some of his "Magic Mike" moves.  

I can't stop...myself from eating the entire pint of Ben and Jerry's Chunky Monkey...#fatkidproblems

Never have I ever...broken a single bone in my body.  I hope I didn't just jinx myself on that one.

Reese Witherspoon...needs to go back blonde.  This brunette business just doesn't bode well with her "girl next door", hello jail time!

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