Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Faves

TGIF!!  This week has been crazy, to say the least, so let's just get right to this, shall we?

I'm linking up again with one of my fave bloggers, Darci and some other awesome gals for their Five on Friday Linkup.  Here's what I'm currently crushing on right now...

My little helper.  These past few weeks with Daddy being out of town, we have done A LOT together. And because of that, I think that our bond is even stronger than it ever has been and for that I am grateful...that said, he has become my little helper with every.single.thing I do!  His latest obsession though is helping me cook and bake in the kitchen.  I mean honestly, though, how could I turn this sweet little face down?  

Speaking of cooking and baking, in that above picture, my little man is helping me whip up a batch of these bad boys.  Apple Peanut Butter Bars.  I know they sound interesting, but trust me, they are out of control delicious!  We baked a pan, and I literally had to cut up the rest and send them with him to give to his teachers the next day because I knew that if they stayed in our house I would devour every last one.  I will definitely be making these on a regular basis.  Easy, delicious and oh so yummy!

I've been racking my brain trying to come up with an up-do style for my sister's wedding which is three weeks from tomorrow...I want something elegant, classic and sophisticated.  I found this style when I was searching "bridesmaid hair" on Pinterest this week and I think I found a winner!  What do y'all think?  I'm open to any and all suggestions!

Ok, y'all.  If you have children that are in the toddler stage or older, you will totally appreciate this video!  We watched it at our MOMS meeting yesterday and I just could not stop laughing!  Seriously.  Highlight of my week.  I can relate to the entire most Mama's out there can too, I'm sure!  Take the minute and a half to watch it.  You won't be disappointed!

After weeks of deliberation, I finally decided upon Madden's Halloween costume for this year.  He is constantly talking about dragons when he is playing by himself, so I just knew I wanted to find something related to that...well, enter Old Navy.  Seriously y'all.  Have you been into one of their stores lately?  They are really stepping up their game and I have to say, I'm not mad about it!  I found this super cute Dragon costume there this week and let's just say Madden is beyond excited about dressing up for Halloween in a few weeks!

Well, that does it for me for the week.  I hope you have a great weekend!

Until next time...


  1. Oh my, Madden's sweet little face!! He is such doll, Jenna!! I was thinking the same thing about Old Navy in the costume department-super cute and affordable! I was thinking about the fox for Huds. ;)

  2. Ok I needs those bars in my life, your son is BEYOND adorable and that hair will look FAB, on you!!! Can't wait for pics from the wedding! :) Have a fantastic weekend, girlie! xoxo

  3. I just watched that video yesterday and it was HILARIOUS! Are there more like it? I have to check on that. So clever.

    Kate at The Small Things Blog has so many great You Tube tutorials, I'm sure you could find something great there!

  4. I love shopping at Old Navy for the kids in my life!

  5. Ohmagosh those were hilarious!!! Have a great weekend!

  6. Old Navy has cute costumes. The first 2 Halloween costumes I bought for my daughter were from there. She's 8 now!

  7. I second the comment about Kate at the Small Things Blog!! She has a lot of great hairstyles for formal or casual events.

  8. I think the hairstyle is a winner