Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Tuesday Randomness

Hello my dears!!  Sorry for being MIA yesterday.  That wasn't my original intention, but after the crazy weekend we had, and me picking up the pieces around here, while preparing everything for the hubs to leave for the rest of the week again, I had my hands FULL!!  But I'm back...with a bunch of randoms from this past weekend!

So Friday was such a blur, I'm surprised I even remember what I all did that day!  After I picked up Madden from school, we hurried back (an hour and a half) to my hometown to pick up the meat we had cut for us...a whole half of a steer, to be exact!    Seven big boxes, and hundreds of pounds of beef stuffed in the back of my vehicle later, we turned around and headed back to Omaha...but not before picking up my niece who was babysitting for us all weekend!
Trying to psych myself up for the trip ahead!  Btw...I'm awful at selfies...#justsayin
We got back home just in time to pick up the husband's best friend from college (who was also his best man in our wedding) from the airport as he flew in from NYC for the weekend.  We waited until Madden went down for the night and for the hubs to actually get home from Pennsylvania before we headed out for wings, beer and pizza.  It was so great getting out and reminiscing about the old days from college and getting caught up on life now.  Well that led to us staying out past midnight and I was  more than ready to see my bed that night!

I've never hated the sound of my alarm more than I did on Saturday morning going off at 4:30 a.m.  I drug myself outta bed to get ready for the day, as we were heading to Lincoln (home of the Huskers) for the football game, which started at 11.  Why would I need to get up that early when the game was at 11??  Wellllll, us Nebraskans take our tailgating verrrrrrry seriously, so that meant we had to be on the road by 6:30 so we could start our pregame festivities by 8 a.m.  Crazy??  Maybe.
A Bloody Mary Breakfast??  Why not!
So, a few bloody mary's and a few too many beers (all by 10:30 a.m.) later, we went into the game.  It was a beautiful day.  73 degrees at kickoff, and sunny.  We were all jacked up about the game, as we always are, and we actually looked really awesome the first half.
Then I don't know what happened the second half.  Maybe it was the shots we took at halftime, but the last two quarters of the game were painful.  Too painful to watch.  Needless to say, we left before the game was over and headed back to Omaha.
We were smiling, but those were smiles were deceiving...
I tried to sneak in a quick catnap before we headed back out for dinner.  That lasted about 20 minutes.  Because I then had to drag myself out of bed again to make our dinner reservations.  We ate too much, drank more than should ever be humanly possible in a day and came home so the boys could watch the big bad "fight" on tv...I proceeded to fall asleep, face down on the floor with my pants unbuttoned because I was sooooo full and bloated from all that I had put my body through that day...I'm sure it looked really lady-like.

I don't remember how it happened, but I somehow woke up in my bed on Sunday morning.  I asked the husband how I ended up there and he told me that at one point I stood up, eyes open, looked at them and said "peace out"...hahaha!  What?!!  I don't even know.  

Anyway, after a quick workout, to make up for the day before, I had to turn around and head back to Columbus again for another one of my sister's wedding showers.  I tried my hardest to be the best dang MOH I could, but it was down right strugglesville.  I was tired and I was slightly hungover.  Not a good combination.  But I pushed through for her...then, after a tour of her and her fiance's cute little house that they are moving into right after they tie the knot, we headed back east for home.
A random snap chat to try to make my trip go faster...
That put us home a little after nine p.m. just in time for us to eat popcorn for dinner before crashing into bed...And let me tell y'all, I am still trying to play catch up!  That was a jam-packed weekend, going non-stop for three days straight!  I have never been more excited for a quiet week!

So what about y'all?  Do anything fun and exciting this weekend?  How do you keep going after a jam-packed weekend?  Recovery tips for this old lady??? ;)

Until next time...   

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  1. Sounds like you had a fun filled weekend. I did almost absolutely nothing this weekend and I loved it. oh and I had a massage.