Friday, September 20, 2013

Five on Friday Faves

TGIF!!  Thank the sweet Lord that it is finally Friday!  I am beyond excited for this laid-back, no plans weekend that we have set up for the next couple of days!  The extent of my "plans" include watching college football on the television tomorrow, whipping up my (first of the season) pot of chili and possibly baking up some yummy apple goodies.  Annnnnd Sunday = Repeat!  The perfect Fall weekend in my books!

But, to get this weekend started on the right foot, we better kick it off with another edition of "Five on Friday" with Darci and a few other awesome gals!

Here's what I am loving this week...

Deliciousness in a glass right here, y'all.  This time of year all I want is everything pumpkin flavored...but if I can't have that, I am head over heels for a good apple cider.  Put that together with a little caramel vodka and what do you get??  A Caramel Apple Cocktail.  It's simply just one part caramel flavored vodka to two parts apple cider or simply apple, apple juice.  Yum....

What would go perfectly hand in hand with that little number up above??  Well, this super duper easy apple pie snicker doodle bar!  Seriously y'all.  I found this recipe here yesterday afternoon, so I made my grocery list (I only needed two ingredients for this) went and grabbed them, and whipped up a batch of these delicious goodies in under 10 minutes.  Let me tell ya...they are the  When I say easy, I mean EASY PEASY!!  Again I say: Yum...

Ok, so this might not pertain to us Midwesterners anymore after this week, but when I saw this last weekend I about died laughing!  I mean seriously...I know that so many of you out there can relate to this, so I just had to share this little gem!  I'm feelin' for all you southerners right about now...But never fear, Fall is here!!  (It just might not feel like it yet!)

Would you guys believe me if I told you that I still have and still wear my jean jacket from when I was in high school over 10 years ago?  I'm not even kidding.  And, honestly, I have purchased two others thinking that I should probably update my old one, but which one do I always end up wearing??  Yep, the old one!  But man, oh man, am I ever glad that I kept that sucker!  It's for reasons like the picture up above.  I am totally stealing this girl's layering idea and mixing plaids with denim.  In love.

I totally had my mind set on a pot of your basic, original chili for tomorrow with leftovers for Sunday, but when I was perusing Pinterest yesterday I found this recipe for a White Chicken Chili that sounds AMAZING!  Sooooo, scratch the hamburger chili...mama's whipping up this bad boy!  I can't wait to cozy up on the couch with a big ol bowl of this and my famous corn bread muffins to dip in it!  Have I mentioned yet that I love this time of year??

Well, that's all for this girl for the week!  I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend!!

Until next time...


  1. I love fall..its the best time of the year. I'm going to give that white chili a try too. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm just getting caught up on my blog reading. I absolutely love love your blog. And you make me love fall even more!

    Side note- what working out do you usually do on the weekends, and when?

  3. I wish it was only in the 80's. in TX it is still mid 90's. Doesn't mean I haven't already decorated for fall ;)

  4. Ahhh! I'm texting my BFF now to see if she'd like that cocktail! They're coming to visit this weekend! And I looooove white chicken chili. It's even better with a little dollup of sour cream and some cheddar!

  5. Ok, I may need to look into some of these recipes. We have a low key weekend as well and I am thrilled about it!!!!

    Have a good weekend!!!

  6. I just really love it ALL.... and now I'm starving and *need* that plaid shirt and denim jacket! Haha!!

    Hope you have a great weekend, friend!

  7. That Caramel Apple Cocktail looks AH-MAZING! I may have to branch out and try that - yum!

    Your weekend sounds amazing - other than attending a football game (Go Huskers!), I hope mine plays out pretty similarly!


  8. Those are awesome. Have a great weekend!

  9. I am SO jealous of everything fall right now-- and everything on your favorite list! The chili, jean jacket, and apple pie?! It is still in the 100's here in PHX!!

    Fall is one of the biggest things I miss about living in Nebraska! Soak up all of this fall weather and some my way-- I'll return the favor and send some sun in the winter! ;)

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. OMG I need that drink in my life....YUMMY!!! I also have a jean jacket that is 10 years old, BUT....I was so not in high school 10 years!! I am an old broad! :) Have a fabulous weekend, sugar!! xoxoxo

  11. I love me a good jean jacket! I just had to buy a new one because I somehow lost my old faithful one while traveling! :( That look that you posted is SO dang cute!

  12. Oohhh, that white chicken chili looks so so good! I'm going to have to try soon. I think the high this weekend is only about 83 in Mississippi. :)

  13. That is awesome that you still have the jean jacket and keep going back to it! I love the kinds of things that just keep on keeping on like that. :)

    And that white checking chili does look yummy!


  14. you read my mind with the chicken chili recipe, i have been craving it for ever!!

  15. I'm cracking up about your jean jacket, because I STILL have MY jean jacket from like 8 years ago! My sisters make fun of me all the time, but I love that thing and I won't get rid of it! Old jean jackets are seriously the best!! ;)