Tuesday, September 3, 2013

"Final Fling" Recap

Hey y'all!  How is it possible that this weekend is over already??  I mean, I guess if you want to look on the bright side, it is already Tuesday!  So, I guess if we are trying to be positive, that means we are only four days away from the weekend!

Anyway, these past three days have been craaaaazzzy!  So, instead of giving you a detailed day-to-day play by play, I'm only going to focus on the big, bad, glamorous bachelorette party that I hosted for my sister on Saturday night.  It was beyond fun.  Things got a little bit crazy.  But the best part of it all?  My sister had a blast!  Here's what went down on her "Final Fling Before the Ring":
28 girls, dressed in black arrived at my house around 7:00.  They were greeted with hot pink and zebra print cups to fill with their drink of choice.  The goal was to never have an empty glass all night long.  We then proceeded to drink, snack on some amazing foods such as veggie pizza, meatballs and little weenies (clever, I know!), chips and four different kinds of dips, croissant sandwiches, and these lovely little cookies that not only looked fancy, but tasted amazing!
We then continued the night with a few games that y'all had so generously suggested for me when I asked for your help last week!  And let me tell ya...the girls had soooo much fun with this!  

We played 20 questions; I called and asked my sister's fiancé different questions about himself and their relationship and then I asked my sister what she thought his responses were...for every one she got wrong, she had to take a Jello shot.  For every one she got right, she had to pass a shot to one of the girls...she did surprisingly well, so the girls paid for it by having to take more shots than her!  

We then played the "Purse Game."  I asked all of the girls to grab their purses and then I started listing off items that could be found in their purse.  Random things such as paper clips and hair ties to hairspray and tweezers.  There were different points for each item and the girl with the most points at the end won a prize.  It was truly amazing what some girls actually keep in their purse!  So much fun!
We took a little break from the game playing to let my sister open her presents...and let me tell you...I'm pretty sure she is set on underwear, nighties and alcohol for the next few years!  She definitely did well in that department.
Then, since we had about half an hour before our bus was coming to pick us up, we played one last game of "Hot Potato" except it wasn't a potato...if you catch my drift ;)  I played and stopped the music until the last person not holding the "potato" was declared the winner!  

These games were a great way to get the girls all "loosened up" before the party bus arrived to take us out on the town!
This bus took us all downtown to continue the night "bar hopping" and selling suckers from the sucker bouquet that I had put together for my sister for the "suck for a buck" game...My sister was really, really good at this...like the bouquet had over 150 suckers in it and she walked away with only 5 suckers at the end of the night...I'd say that was a success!
After four hours of suckers, shots, beer and drinks, the bus picked us all back up and drove us home.  An intense night...a loooooong night.  A night that I don't think my sister will ever forget.  I know that I won't. :)

I sent all of the girls off the next morning with a breakfast that my Mom so graciously prepared for us as well as a goodie bag of "recovery essentials": tylenol, gatorade, pictures of them with the bride and cute glasses to pour their gatorade into as they drove home.

The countdown is on now.  The big day is less than six weeks away.  I cannot wait.  If this party was any indication of how much fun her wedding is going to be, we are definitely in for a good time!

How was your weekend?  I spent the rest of mine recovering, so I would love to hear what exciting things y'll did to celebrate Labor Day!

Until next time...


  1. a whole lot of swimming and eating!!! :) It was a great relaxing weekend! Minus a few sunburnt faces and some major seperation anxiety this morning...I'd say it was a success!

  2. We did a lot of house work, swimming, eating and visiting family... but your party sounded way more fun then all of the stuff I did. I mean, putting up a clothes line sounds like a blast doesn't it.

  3. Hi Jenna!
    I'm your scarf swap partner and thought I would say hi! Was just reading your blog to learn a little bit more about you. Madden is adorable!! I am looking forward to reading more about you. I was reading some of your fitness posts too and I loved those. I am back to working out regularly after a long hiatus! ha!! My oldest is 7.5 and youngest is 3.5 so it's a long time coming. Anyway, figured I would say hi : )


  4. which jello shot recipe did you use and how did they turn out?!

    1. Oh my goodness, I used a YUMMY recipe:

      One cup boiling water to dissolve the jello, then 1/2 cup vodka and 1/2 cup peach schnapps added to that, per 3 oz package of jello. They were a huge hit!!

  5. Oh my gosh, that bus... sooo fun!! Great pics!

  6. How fun!!! It looks/sounds like you did a great job!! Loved the recovery essentials bag!

  7. How fun!!! It looks/sounds like you did a great job!! Loved the recovery essentials bag!

  8. The party sounded so fun and perfect! Maybe you should be a professional bachelorette party planner! :)

    1. Haha!! Well thank you, Jenna! As fun as that would be, it's a lot of work, and I got a little stressed out at the end...but it was worth it because she enjoyed every minute!!

  9. Omg to the bus!! What a fun night, everything sounds amazing.