Monday, April 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

Here it is Monday already...I know I say it every Monday, but how is it that the weekends just FLY by?? It's like, just as soon as we start to really get the ball rolling with the fun factor, we're saying good night on Sunday night and kissing the weekend good bye. Sad day :(

That said, we really did cram a lot into the three short days! We'll start with Friday night...

All three of us picked up our really good friend and headed out to our fave Mexican hole in the wall restaurant to help him celebrate the big 3-0! You know you are getting older when all of your friends are aging into the next decade where you are closer to 50 than your teenage years! We demolished some amazing margaritas, chips and queso and THE BEST tacos and enchiladas this side of the Platte River ;)

I should mention that Friday and Saturday nights my strict eating schedule definitely takes a back seat. I know I'm undoing everything I've done all week, I just can't help myself when presented with such tasty, cheesy, ooey and gooey temptations!! The way I look at it, I'm happy with my weight and if I can't indulge when I want to, I'm not truly living life!

Ahem...back to the weekend...

Saturday morning was my typical sweat sesh on the elliptical and weights in our basement, followed by coffee, a little food network, Instagram (if you aren't doing so already, you can follow me at @jennaschaben and you totally should because I post some pretty random cool things on there! ;) and facebooking... M woke up around 9:30...which was totally amaze balls because A was already at the office catching up from the week so I had the quiet house all to myself while my munchkin snoozed away!
He doesn't snuggle much, so when he does, I take full advantage!  Saturday mornings was one of those moments :)

Saturday afternoon we caught up on life as a family by playing outside until naptime. That is when I started to get ready for the big night ahead. (Psssst...remember me mentioning a little thing called the Jason Aldean concert??) While I was doing that, A ran to the apple store to buy our family this little number (drumroll please) right here...

Totally amazing doesn't even begin to describe this masterpiece! More on that when we get to Sunday.

Late Saturday afternoon my Mom and little Sis came into town and we all finished beautifying ourselves while we caught up on life and "primed" for the concert. M stayed home with A, so us three girls headed to dinner, ate and drank some more before we finally arrived at the main event.

To say this concert was incredible would be an understatement!! We had sooooo much fun! And yes, we all three had sundresses, jean jackets and cowboy boots on and we totally rocked it! It was a late night, but so much fun.

Sunday morning we headed to church, and M to Sunday school, then got some breakfast before heading back home. The weather was a GORGEOUS 80 degrees, so we played oustside again until naptime, which is when I got to play with this little BIG number!

Isn't she beautiful? I mean, seriously, 27inches of pure perfection. She (I don't know if it's a girl, I just like the way that sounds ;) !) would be the reason you might have noticed a little different scenery around here...let's be honest...I was working on this little guy right here,
circa 2004...he had definitely seen his better days. Slow as heck, and I couldn't do near the amount of cool things I wanted to! So, to sum it up, that was my afternoon!

Then last night was a top ten night in my books. We grilled, blew bubbles, kicked a few balls around the backyard, drank some wine and beer until the sun went down. Then it was bath, Jammie's and story time for M. To top off the night, after I had closed up shop downstairs, A had filled our jacuzzi tub (for the first time since we moved in a year and a half ago, sad I know...) and we both hopped in, shared our last glass of wine, turned on the jets and just relaxed. Perfect end to an awesome weekend.

So that was that! I hope you all had just as much fun as we did! I can't wait to create more fun memories like these this summer...

Until next time...

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