Friday, April 19, 2013

Fact Filled Friday {2nd Edition}

Happy Friday darlings!

Considering the fact that it's Friday, and I am still "out of office," this will be short, sweet and to the point!

-I am living in a flipping snow globe right now. Minnesota got 6 inches of snow yesterday and it's still coming down this fine morning. Therefore, all of my cute flats that I had packed are going to have to be "exchanged" for some sale boots at Nordstrom Rack on our trip to Mall of America today...sounds like a plan to me! Just trying to look on the bright side and to make ice cream out of snow people... ;)

-I really hope they catch this Boston Bomber that they are on the manhunt for and do unthinkable things to him. He just makes me sick. That's all I've got in that one.

-ikea is calling my name today. Pinterest has given me so many ideas that come from that place and I can't wait to grab myself that over sized blue bag and get my shop on!

-I miss my little man. I got to talk to him for about .5 secs this morning before he ran off to go help Papa outside on the farm. I know he's in his highest glory right now, riding in the tractor, on the four wheeler and helping feed the cows, sheep and goats. So I guess his non-conversation with me this morning was to be expected!

-I had three glasses of wine last night. Whoops. Let me tell you, I am not 21 anymore and I am paying for it this morning! Yikes. Sad thing is, the weekend is only beginning!

-I might be addicted to coffee. Like seriously. I haven't had my morning cup 'o joe yet and I'm starting to lose steam reallllllyyyyyy fast! Sad thing, MN loves them some Caribou and I'm a die hard s-bux girl...but at this point, anything will do!

-Hilton Hotels really know how to roll. I might not stay in another hotel ever again. I mean, seriously, there was an "assistant" handing me towels, water and wiping down my sweat as I was on the treadmill this morning in the fitness center. Either I looked like I was dying or they are just that good. Case in point. They know their shiz...

Alrighty! The hubs and I are headed out for the day! Have a fantastic weekend and I look forward to catching you all up on Monday!

Until next time...

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