Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Recap: Vacation Style

Well good Monday morning lovelies!  I'm usually so excited to see a "fresh start" to the week, but I feel like I'm still spinning in my tracks from the weekend... This weekend went by in a flash, even though we kicked it off a day early...I apologize now for the lengthiness of this post...but here's what went down in "Schaben Land" the past few days:

Thursday night my in-laws scooped up M a little before dinner time, since the hubs and I were taking off early Friday morning for our anniversary getaway.  He basically said "peace out Mama" as he waved his hand over his shoulder and left me in the dust...tear :(  But I didn't have enough time to think about how much I would miss his little butt, because I still had all of "our" packing to do as well as last minute odds and ends to finish up before we left.

I woke up at the butt crack of dawn on Friday morning (around 4:45) so I could get in a quick workout before we left because I knew that if I didn't , the weekend's worth of drinking and eating would bite me in the behind!  So I busted out a quick 5 mile run, rushed through a quick shower, finished packing our bags, all while I thought A was downstairs packing the cooler, our food and drinks and all of the other necessities he told me we needed for the condo.  He thought it would be a good idea to do that so we wouldn't spend an arm and a leg on unnecessary drinks and food while we lounged on the beach.  Ok, good idea, babe...
A little anniversary morning love...
Well, I come downstairs after I packed EVERYTHING for the both of us, expecting to just toss the bags in the car and head out.  Wrong.  I find him on an important "business call" with the cooler sitting on the kitchen floor; empty.  Of course, me not having eaten my breakfast or have had my coffee yet, I was a little on edge.  I tossed everything in the car, then came back inside and started just throwing things in the cooler.  I was not happy.  He gets off the phone and starts "helping" me by basically undoing all that I had just done.  Um, excuse me??  Is the way I did things not good enough for your manly packing skills??

Anyway, long story short, we left the house with me ticked off and here we were going to be spending 4 long hours in the car, together, alone and on our five year anniversary.  Fun!

Well, he tried his hardest to apologize and make it up to me by stopping at Starbucks before we left Omaha.  Because after being together as long as we have, he knows that I'm pretty much a B until I have food in my belly and coffee in my system.  Well played, babe, well played...The trip ended up making a positive turn about 20 minutes in once the food and coffee kicked in and all went smoothly.

Until we arrived in Okoboji and they had tornado like winds and rain.  Great.  We came all the way here to enjoy the lake and beaches and instead we end up spending our day touring the great town of Okoboji, hitting up cute little gift shops, and a yummy bakery for some homemade cookies.  We went back to our condo, freshened up and went out for our anniversary dinner.
Miami Vice.  If you've never had one, just do it.  You won't be disappointed!
Well, Okoboji is not a "chain restaurant" kind of town.  And I love that, except for when I am craving a big, juicy steak and a nice glass of wine for my anniversary dinner...we find the only "steakhouse" in town, which A called and made reservations for a few hours earlier, where he asked for a table by a window so we could have a view of the lake.  We walk in, and they acted like we were crazy when we told them we had made reservations, and we instantly knew why.  There were only about 4 other "senior citizen" couples in the entire place enjoying their dinner.  When we requested a table with a view, the lady looked at us and goes "ooooo.kkkkkk" ha!  Joke was on us.  The only table with a "view" was one that overlooked the main street of Okoboji.  Not exactly what we had planned.  But we made the best of it, ate until we couldn't walk and finished off dinner with three (yes three) pieces of their famous homemade pies.  My inner fat girl was content.

We had planned on going out for drinks and dancing afterwards, but being the old couple that we are, we went back to our room and ended up passing out by 10 p.m.
My idea of relaxation.
Saturday was a different story.  We headed to the beach and just lounged by the water  It was fantastic.  We did that until we decided we were thirsty and started our night a little early by grabbing drinks at our resort at 3:30.  Well, we proceeded to drink too much, eat too much, until we stumbled up to our room.  We took a little "nap" before heading out for the night.  After receiving some recommendations from a couple blog friends, we took their advice.  Brin, from Bold Butter Baby, who is originally from Okoboji, told me that if I wanted to feel young again that we should hit up a place with amazing fishbowls.  Sounds like fun right?  Oh boy, was it.  Two fishbowls between the two of us later, the hubs ended up basically carrying me to the taxi to take us back to our room.  Thank you for that Brin!! ;)

Sunday morning we slept off our hangovers, which felt amazing, before we packed up, and headed out for lunch.  We took a recommendation from Jenna over at Fashionista Teacher (who is from my hometown, went to the same church as me growing up, and vacays in Okoboji every 4th of July) and had lunch at great little place that actually had a view that overlooked the lake.  We devoured our yummy food before we packed it up and hit the road for home.

All in all, it was a great weekend spent with the hubs.  I am truly grateful for him and for the life we have created together these past five years.

Now, it's time to get back to business around here!

Until next time...    


  1. Ha I totally woke up at the crack of dawn to sneak in a workout before a weekend away as well! I'm glad I did because I too ate too much and had a few too many beverages! Gotta let loose sometimes right?! Sounds like y'all had a blast!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! Glad you enjoyed the Wharf! I hope one of the shops you checked out was The Barn Swallow...we usually spend a few hours there! :)