Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Falling off the Bandwagon...

This month has been a crazy one.  We haven't been home for the past three weekends in a row, and we won't be home the next two weekends either.  I feel like I am just spinning in circles.  I'm trying to keep up with the never ending mountain of laundry, you can pretty much trace your name in the amount of dust that has accumulated on our coffee table and we have been eating grilled cheese for the past four meals because I refuse to go to the grocery store when we are only home for a couple days at a time.  And believe me folks, this is not like me at all!

I just want to go back to our normal routine of enjoying the long summer days of playing at the park, going swimming and blowing bubbles.  But most importantly, I want to get back on track with my eating.  I'm just going to be honest and say that I've fallen off the clean eating bandwagon.

I will be the first to admit that I usually indulge my cravings (to a certain extent) on the weekends.  But that is only after I have done so well all week with my diet.  But, when your week consists of eating grilled cheese for lunch and then a cheeseburger and fries for dinner on a Monday night because you are at a baseball game, that doesn't leave room for indulging on the weekends...ahem...buuuuut I haven't stopped.

It is very tempting to overindulge,especially when we've been traveling like we have been.  It's a never ending roller coaster of eating out day after day, meal after greasy meal.  It's down right hard to order a salad when the hubs is ordering wings and cheese sticks for an appetizer.  I mean c'mon...how can you turn that down?!  You want a frozen (900 calorie) cocktail to wash those down with?  Sure!  Why not?  I'm on vacation, right??  Well, honey, when you've basically been on vacation for three weeks straight, you gotta draw the line somewhere.

Sure, I workout everyday (except Sundays) to try to combat my eating habits, but the truth has been and always will be: "you can't out train a bad diet."  And let me tell y'all something.  I've never believed that saying more than I do right now.  The "proof is in the pudding..." so to speak.

Why can't I build up the energy to tackle those house tasks like I usually do?  Why am I too lazy to head to the grocery store to just pick up a couple things to make a decent meal for my family?  Because I'm down right exhausted.  My body is basically rebelling against me and begging for me to feed it good, nutritious foods!  Sure all that crap tastes good going down, but the after effects??  Ummmm...not so much.

So I've made a pact to myself today.  I am stopping this vicious cycle immediately.  I am going to make better decisions when out to eat and out of town.  I will not be tempted by those evil foods (95% of the time; a girl's gotta live life!) And when I am home, I will only eat lean proteins and fresh fruits and veggies.  My body is in desperate need of a detox.  So I'm going to give it what it deserves.

To hold myself accountable, I am going to keep a food journal of all that I eat, along with instagram pics (@jennaschaben) of my meals so that you all can follow along and track my progress.  It will motivate me to make better choices so that I don't feel guilty about that double cheeseburger and chocolate cake that sounded good at the time.

So my message to all of you today is this:  We all fall off the wagon sometimes.  And you know what? It's ok!!  We are only human and we do make mistakes.  Tomorrow is a new day.  All that matters is that you dust yourself off, throw out the garbage (aka junk food) and hop back on...it's always waiting for ya!!

Until next time...

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  1. Ummm....you are like SOOOO in my head!!! I was an awful eater last week!!!! Monday morning started my clean eating! You can do this! Indulge in a fruit smoothie when you need a sweet treat! That's been my little boost of sweetness in the morning (having mine now actually)! Check out this yumminess on my Instagram (sdrummond1023)! We have come way too far to turn around now and become the old us!! Cheers to a clean diet, full of lean meats, veggies and fruit!