Monday, June 17, 2013

"No Shoes" Father's Day Weekend Recap

Good Monday morning!!  I literally have never been more exhausted after a weekend than I am today.  These last three days have had more crammed into them than I can ever remember!  Here's what went down over in our little corner of the midwest:

Friday after I picked up M from school, we hit the road to head back to my parent's house.  He stayed with them this weekend while A and I had a quick little get away to Kansas City with some friends.  He couldn't have been more excited to be back on the farm, as it is truly one of, if not his favorite places to be!
Immediately when we got there, Papa loaded M up, and took him to the sale barn to sell some cows...M was in high heaven.  I, on the other hand, spent the day with my Mom and Sister sorting through all of my childhood, high school and college memorabilia that I had wanted to forget about  never taken with me once A and I got married...(five years ago this Friday!)  Needless to say, there were totes upon totes and boxes upon boxes of goodies that had to be gone through.  Sorted into trash, garage sale and then, unfortunately, the take back home with me pile.  In all honesty, it really was fun going through and reminiscing about my past with my two favorite girls.  There were plenty of laughs and also some tears.  But after it was all said and done, we grabbed a burger and a drink at the local (population 223) bar and grill, before I kissed my son good bye and headed back to Omaha.

Saturday morning, after a quick run, I got ready, packed and the hubs and I headed off to pick up our friends to head to Kansas City for the Kenny Chesney concert.  We drove in torrential rains and storms the entire way there, all the while keeping our fingers crossed that it would let up before we arrived at the outdoor concert!
Well, it didn't.  In fact, it continued to pour.  And pour.  And lightning.  And pour some more...So, just picture about 50,000 redneck country fans in all of their cowboy hats, boots, wranglers, American Flag t-shirt glory imbibing ten too many $12 beers without eating any of the overly priced stadium food.  It was a shit show.  And, I'm not going to say we weren't a lil tipsy ourselves.  What were we to do??  The concert was delayed two hours, so that was the only other option.
The rain let up just enough to let the concert begin, but not enough to not completely demolish my perfectly curled, perfect teased, product overloaded hair.  I looked like a wet rat in high heels and white skinny jeans.  Note to self:  don't ever, and I mean EVER where white jeans when it's pouring rain.  Everyone and their dog may or may not have gotten a prettttttty good visual as to what I was hiding underneath those pants.  Lesson learned.
All in all though, we had a blast jamming out, drinking and singing our lungs out to a little Eli Young Band, Eric Church (who is so hot, by the way) and then finally a little Kenny Chesney.  Four hours of concert and a total of seven hours later, we called a town car to take our drunk asses back to the hotel...
Where the hubs thought it would be a great idea to get a night cap before the night was over...Well that led to he and our good high school friend crossing the line from slightly intoxicated to over the top, slurring words, making friends with a bride and groom checking in for their wedding night, and taking pictures with complete randoms, before our friend's girlfriend and I drug them up to our rooms.  They passed out within 2 minutes of crashing onto the beds.

Unfortunately, out of habit, my natural "Mommy alarm clock" went off at 8 a.m. yesterday morning and I couldn't fall back asleep.  That led me to scouring instagram, stalking Facebook and pinning about 50 new items to my boards.  I didn't want to wake the hubs since it was technically his day, being Father's Day and all, so I quietly snuck in a shower and got ready all before he woke from his coma.  He and I headed out to get a little Starbucks, as our non-married, non-child friends continued to sleep the morning away.

Around noon we checked out, and headed to get a little KC BBQ, per A's request since it was "his day."  (Are you noticing a theme here???)  I honestly wanted him to have whatever he wanted though because I don't give him the credit he deserves on the daily basis, so theme yesterday was whatever Aaron wants, Aaron gets ;)
After lunch, we headed out to an amazing outlet mall to finish up the trip before heading home.  Three hours and ten shopping bags later, (half of which were his!) we hit the road back to Omaha.  Madden wasn't back yet, so we hit up a local Mexican restaurant for dinner...just the two of us.  It was the perfect ending to a crazy, yet fun-filled weekend!

The cherry on top, was when M got home, he ran straight to his Daddy, gave him a huge hug and pronounces loudly "Happy Fotter's Day Daddy!"  Melt. My. Heart.  Sweetest thing ever.  I am truly blessed to have those two sweet men in my life!

And I cannot forget to wish my own "Fotter" a Happy Father's Day...He was the first man I ever loved, and I made him a Daddy for the first time.  He will always hold a special place in my heart!

Until next time...


  1. How sweet! Kids are the best, but how fun for the two of you to have by yourselves! I can imagine the scene at the concert. I bet y'all had a blast!

    1. It was a great little get away for us to be "sans child" for the weekend! You need those every once and awhile!! And the concert was a great time, despite the thousands of intoxicated grown adults!! :)