Friday, July 5, 2013

Winner, Winner...Five on Friday

Happy (day after a holiday that landed in the middle of the week, so we couldn't do anything too exciting because the hubs and a few stragglers still had to go into the office today...therefore my post is late, I'm not feeling motivated, my son is still in his jammies and I'm still fighting off the headache I have from yesterday's shenanigans) Friday!!

Although I'm late with this post, I just couldn't miss another Five on Friday series with the lovely Miss Darci from The Good Life Blog and a few other spectacular ladies!

1.) One year ago and yesterday.  What a difference a year makes!! Time goes by waaaay too fast!

2.) We decided that since we couldn't go anywhere or do anything crazy yesterday to celebrate the Fourth, we went to see Monsters University with the little man...highly recommend it, not just for the kiddos, but the adult crowd too!! I literally caught myself belly laughing a few times. Super cute! Plus, M was a trooper while he devoured his popcorn and licorice :)

3.) I failed in the Mom department yesterday and didn't get a single picture of our family in our Fourth of July garb... Instead, being in the blogger mindset that I am 90% of the time, I did snap a shot of my ootd...I swear I'm not usually so self-absorbed!
Shoes: Sperry's from Nordstrom two years ago Shorts: J. Crew Factory Top: Old Navy
4.) So, have you heard about the huge sale going in at J.Crew outlet this week?? Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING is 50% off right now. So needless to say I scooped up a couple items that I've been eyeing for quite some time now. I cannot wait for them to show up at my doorstep! Sale runs through Monday, so go check it out...
Both of these lovelies for the price of, yes please!

5.) Man do I love me some s'mores...anything with that in its name cannot get in my belly fast enough! I love this idea of doing a s'mores bar with all sorts of creative add-ins! Umm, a lil Nutella, melted between a toasted marshmallow and graham crackers...sign me up!! This will be happening.
You can find this on my Pinterest "Fourth of July" Board
And one last (but certainly not least!) little note:  A HUGE Congratulations goes out to Rebekah Taylor on winning the big $500 Cash Giveaway!!  And thank you to all who participated!!  I had a blast meeting soooo many new lovely readers over here, so thank you all!!

Have a great weekend y'all!
Until next time...

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  1. Adorable outfit! I'm not a very fashionable person and never buy cute clothes so I always appareciate someone else who does! :) Have a great start to your week!