Monday, July 1, 2013

Some BIG News!

Good Monday Morning y'all!!

I tell you what, these past few days have been absolutely fabulous...between a vacation in wine country (more on that later) and being nominated for my first blog award, I've been feeling like I'm floating on cloud nine!

But hold the phone.  Like for real.  I have the best surprise for y'all...I am helping to host my first ever giveaway!!!!  Are you excited??!!  If you aren't, you dang well should be!  :)

I am teaming up with some of the best bloggers out there in blog-land to give one lucky reader an amazing prize!  What could be so grand for her to get all jacked up about, you ask?  Well...Drumroll please....

$500 CASH!!!  I mean, seriously??  How amazing is that?!

And I'm not kidding you when I say just how easy it is to enter.  All you have to do to be qualified is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter and follow all 10 of these lovely ladies' (and gentleman's, ahem Hubby Jack ;) blogs that are listed below and you're set.  Easy peasy...

Seriously y'all.  I'm doing you a favor here, because these bloggers aren't just anybody.  They are legit. Amazing.  And seriously respected in all things blog related.  (I am just soooo dang lucky they let me be part of the cool kids club) ;)  So not only will you have some awesome blogs to follow, if you aren't already, but you could walk away with 500 big ones when it's all said and done!

This giveaway runs from today, July 1st, through this Friday, July 5th.  But don't wait.  Jump on this like right now.  I know I would if I could!

  More Than Carrots   /      4Kottez    /      Hang On Honey     /      Jenna Rae     /      The Good Life

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Until next time...


  1. WOW, thanks for sharing this!! How exciting! I also got your sweet comment on my wedding post, thanks! It made my day!! Off to check out this Liebster :)

  2. Love ya girl... I can't wait to see the winner. So glad our paths crossed and isn't it amazing how blogging can bring people together. Love it!

  3. So awesome that you are part of this! :) So, I was going through the entries with about 1000000 tabs open and I missed your Pinterest but accidently clicked DONE :( Can you please send me a link to your Pinterest because I've been searching and can't find it!!!! :( Thanks a TON!

  4. Ok, I found it. I'm an airhead :)

  5. Jenna! I am so glad you joined up with us... Look at all those followers over there. This little page is just a popping now. And Chris said you want a blog design-- woot woot!! Keep me posted as the week goes on about your traffic levels!! Happy Monday, pretty lady!