Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So What Wednesday...

Happy Fourth of July Eve lovelies!!  This week has been just a whirlwind around these parts, so thank goodness it's a short one!  We've got a busy next couple days planned to celebrate 'Merica, and I haven't done a thing to prepare for any of it.  Seriously, where is this summer going?

Anyway, I just wanted to round up my "so-what" thoughts for this short week, as I've been tending to try to play catch up from our last vacay!

So What:

If this post is completely random today...that's just the kind of week I've been having!

If my pile of laundry from the past week is all piled into a mountain on the dining room table...sure, it's all clean, I just haven't taken the time to fold it all and then begin the task of putting every.single.item in their respectable spots...I literally loathe that part more than anything else!!
Real life right there...
If my idea of a great Fourth is laying by a pool, a cocktail in hand, with some amazing snacks/food, with just my little family and some close friends...but instead my hubs made plans without me knowing, which requires us to spend the day back in my hometown with my in-laws.  I love them, don't get me wrong, I would just much rather be doing other things, like drinking a patriotic cocktail or my fave Straw-ber-ita ;)
Heaven in an 8 oz can...
If while at the park last night, when I had my back turned for 10 seconds, my son had dropped his banana on the ground, but proceeded to pick it up and continue to eat it.  Every bone in my body tingled and I almost wanted to throw up I was so disgusted...but don't worry, despite the complete meltdown that ensued afterwards, (from him, not me) I immediately disposed of the wood chip, dog hair and grass covered fruit.
Kind of hard to be mad at this sweet face!
If I yelled at one of our five neighbor boys last night for trying to blow up a dead bird they had either found or tormented to death, by strapping it to a firework in our, not ok!  And where were their parents???  And let me clarify that a.) I don't get mad very easily and b.) we don't live somewhere out in the backwoods either...totally redic.

If my son now makes me leave the bathroom while he is doing his "business" by saying "Mama, go way...close da door and go way!"  Ummmm, when did he get so big??  Wasn't I just changing his diaper six months ago?  Mr. Independent...

If I am uber jealous of all you darlings that are entered into the giveaway for a chance at 500 big ones!  I mean seriously, what I could do with that money is insane...So, if you haven't yet done so, get your booty in gear and go get yourself some!

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Until next time...


  1. Love me a STRAW-ber-RITA! Have a great 4th!

  2. I hear ya! I have the same pile of clean laundry on my dresser in my room because I just DON'T WANT TO.
    Keep it real!

  3. Putting laundry away is my least favorite task. I hate it, and quite frequently have a pile that looks just like that.