Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So What Wednesday...

First of all, I wanted to thank you all so, so, so much for your sweet comments and words of encouragement from yesterday's post.  There wasn't a single one of them that didn't make me cry...You guys are the reason I blog and am able to put my heart and life's story out's not always easy, or picture perfect, but it's real.  And without the support from y'all, I wouldn't keep coming back here time and time again!  So thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

Anyway, on a brighter note today, I'm saying "so what" to this miserably hot and humid Summer Wednesday!

So What:

If my part in my hair is peeling because I forgot to put sunscreen on it when we went to the pool last Wednesday...I feel like I should come with a label attached to my forehead for when I go out that says "This is not's just a sunburn gone bad!"  It is so gross!

If when we were outside yesterday, playing in the sprinkler, and with M's water table/makeshift pool, (all while naked mind you, (him not me!) because that's how we role around these parts) he just decided to pop a squat in the middle of the back yard and leave a present for me to dispose of...ummmm yeah...not one of my prouder Mommy moments!
If I bought a "family size" bag of Peanut Butter M&M's the other day that came with "10% more!" and I can't stop eating them!  They are truly my weakness and I try to limit myself to about 10 of them a day...but who am I kidding???  That number quickly escalates to 20-30!!  They are just too dang good!
If my sister's Bachelorette Party is a little more than a month away (it's over Labor Day Weekend) and I haven't ordered her invites yet!!  I am definitely slacking in my role as Matron of Honor, but in my defense, I thought I had plenty of time...that is until I realized that Labor Day is early this year, and therefore her party is on August 31st!!  Whoops!  I do think I have a winner though...
If I workout with my headphones in, sometimes not even listening to music, just so I don't have to make small talk with people at the gym...I'm sorry, but I don't go there to chit-chat.  I wanna go in, workout, and leave as quickly as possible.  I'm not trying to be rude, I just would rather be someplace else!

If I'm contemplating redoing our entire dining room...I've been seeing so many "home updates" on Pinterest and other blogs (ahem...Darci!) that I just want to take everything out and start from scratch.  Any and all ideas are welcome!  As long as they include getting rid of the hideous table that we are "borrowing" from the in-laws!

Well, that about does it for me's time to go prepare myself for another dreaded night of swimming lessons with the it 7:00 yet???

Until next time...


  1. totally bought that same bag of m&ms! addicted lately!

  2. Darci has the cutest home decor! I have a chalkboard addiction because of her!