Monday, July 29, 2013

"Foodaggedon" Weekend Recap

Good Monday morning, dearies!!  This is officially the first Monday in a very long time that I can actually say that I am not still trying to recover from the weekend!  It was, after all, the first weekend we were actually home for the entire three days!  So, here's what went down over in our neck of the woods...

I started my weekend on Friday afternoon by getting a babysitter while I spent a couple hours at the salon getting my hairs did!  I was long overdue for a highlight (roots are for trees, say what???) and cut, so now I feel like a new woman!

I came home a little after five, paid the babysitter, and poured myself a most definitely was 5:00 somewhere...ahem, like my deck in the backyard!  It was only 75 degrees on Friday, and I wasn't going to let that weather go to waste!  I was craving my new favorite cocktail concoction: Smirnoff Root Beer Float Vodka mixed with Cherry Coke Zero.  Seriously delish!
 The hubs got home a little before six, so we headed over to a friend's house to help him unload a treadmill, while our friend's girlfriend and I watched, cocktails in hand ;)  We preceded to head back to our house, order pizza and play cards until a little after 10...which is when we were all ready to crash for the night!  Although, we had friends coming from Minnesota to stay the weekend with us, so we had to stay up until after 11, waiting for them...I literally had to keep my eyes propped open because I was ready to pass out by 10:30!  But they showed up, we stayed up chatting until after midnight, then called it a night!

Saturday morning came way too early...but I forced myself to get up and go for a run because I just knew that the day would involve a lot of eating, eating, drinking and more eating!  Plus, there was no way I was going to let the 55 degree morning go to waste!

When I got back, we all had some coffee, chatted, then got ready for the day.  We ate brunch at an amazing little diner where I had an amazing bacon, cheddar and swiss cheeseburger omelet, (sounds gross, but came highly recommended, and it definitely didn't disappoint!) hash browns and pancakes...
We waddled out of there, and headed down to the zoo again...even though we were just there two days before!  That's what the out of towners wanted to do, so we obliged ;)  It was a gorgeous, unseasonably cool 75 degree day so it was ideal...and everybody and their dog thought so there were thousands and thousands of people there!
We came home, put Madden down for a nap, and we headed to the backyard to play a few yard games and a few hands of cards...followed by what else??  More snacking, and drinking!  I'm pretty sure I drank my weight in root beer float vodka this weekend!

Then, after all six of our babysitter options weren't available, we ended up bringing Madden with us to dinner.  I was nervous about dragging him along, but he did FANTASTIC!  We didn't even know he was there, 90% of the time.  We enjoyed some more delicious food, then headed home a little after 9.  We tried to play a few more games of cards, but we were all exhausted and ended up crashing around 10:30.

Sunday morning we grabbed breakfast from our new favorite taco hut by our house...hands down, the best breakfast burrito I have ever eaten.  Homemade tortillas just make everything amazing.  We followed that up with some coffee on our deck, while we enjoyed another beautiful unseasonable cool morning before they packed up and headed back North.

We played recovery the rest of the day, while I baked some cookies, a strawberry peach streusel and did laundry to get ready for the week...then, to end the night, we all hopped in the car and did a little Sunday night cruising with the windows rolled down as we jammed to some music.  The perfect ending to a great weekend.

Until next time... 


  1. The weather this weekend was FABULOUS! I NEED the name of the diner and taco hut! Sounds delish!

    1. Wasn't it GORGEOUS??!! It felt more like September than end of July! And Jenna, I am not kidding you when I say that you MUST try these places! They are literally right down the street from you, so I guarantee you will become a regular! The taco hut is right off 180th and Pacific. It's a drive thru only, that is seriously open 24 hours and is called Alberado's...super reasonable and everything is authentic and's our new favorite mexican place. If you like mexican, trust me when I say that it's legit! Get the bacon breakfast burrito for breakfast (which is served all day) and the chicken fried taco for lunch or dinner...everything else is phenomenal as well, those are just a couple of my "must try" items!!

      The diner is only open for breakfast and lunch and is called "Vidlaks" It's on the corner of Bob Boozer and Center...seriously homemade diner goodness right there! You will love it! You will have to let me know if you try either or both of them!

      Then, if you've never been here, we went to Jams for is hands down our favorite place for dinner...that is right off of 78th/80th and Dodge, in the strip mall North of Dodge. Absolutely deliciousness. Sorry for the drool-worthy details, but I am a huge fan of all three ;)

  2. yay Minnesota! .... ok not really. haha ;)
    sounds like a great weekend, im a tad jelly of the root beer vodka!

  3. Sounds like a pretty yummy and fantastic weekend! I am JEALOUS of your amazing temps! Push them down south!!!

  4. O.M.G. that drink sounds divine. Once I am back to work I am SO stopping off for some Cherry Pepsi and Root Beer Float Vodka.