Thursday, July 18, 2013

Finish The Sentence...

Hey Y'all!!  Today I am teaming up with one of my all time fave ladies...Holly and her Blog world BF Jake for their Finish the sentence Linkup...Enjoy!
If I had one extra hour in the dayI would use it to bake.  I seriously love to bake anything from cakes and cookies to pies and desserts.  I just don't make the time to do it, because if I did, I would be waddling everywhere I went.

I wish my namewas Jenna Tatum (I'm already halfway there, right??)…I mean for reals.  Who is this Channing guy, and why wasn't he around when I was 15, and single??  I'm pretty sure we would have fallen madly in love, and I could have ridden his coattails all the way to fame.  Mmmmmm…he is beyond yummy!  

I think anything chevron isstill amazing.  Yes, I know it has been overused, overdone, and everywhere you turn, but I just love me some chevron, so I don't mind it sticking around for a tad bit longer!

My last nightmarehad me waking up to my son holding a pair of scissors in one hand and my long blonde ponytail in his other.  The kid has an obsession with scissors lately, and I have purposely locked all of them in tote on the highest shelf of the storage room for fear of that exact nightmare!!  

SometimesI will just say "because" when Madden asks a million and one "why?" questions instead of using it as a teaching experience.  Definitely not a proud Mommy moment...

My last meal on earth would beall things mexican: nachos, fried tacos, and margaritas, followed by a whole red velvet cheesecake.  My inner fat girl is salivating right now. 

I would much ratherwax my legs every day than iron another one of the hub's dress shirts.  I dread that task more than any other in this house!!
Mayonnaisetastes sooo yummy when it is dripping out the sides of a juicy BLT sandwich.  le sigh

10 years ago, I didn't thinkI would be a Mama to a two year old, or any child for that matter, let alone staying at home and raising said (non-existent) child!
SelfishlyI wish I could use all the money we spend on groceries on clothes for myself and buying fun things for the house.  Unfortunately we like to eat and would starve if I did that...

My favorite show on TV right nowis Mistresses. I am truly addicted.  Does that say something about the type of girl that I am that I enjoy a show all about 
adultery??  I sure hope not!

And, George Zimmermannever should have been let go…definitely not a fan of this man.  I mean, is anybody??


  1. Apparently there are George Z fans out there, who knows why!

    I love these Q & As but I always miss the linkup!

  2. kid's with scissors is so terrifying!! wear a bun it will be harder for him to cut through :)