Thursday, August 29, 2013

Thursday Thoughts...

Hello my dears!!  It's Thursday!!  Or "Friday Eve" as I like to call sounds better that way, don't you think?? :)

This week is slipping through my fingers and I just can't seem to catch up on all that is on my "to-do" list this week!  There just aren't enough hours in the day.  Sure, I could be working on some decorations for my sis's party, or prepping the 150 jello shots I am making for that night, but nope.  Instead, I am here.  At my happy place.  Chatting with all y'all.  My 30 minutes of me time.

Usually, I do a regular Wednesday post of "So What Wednesday" but instead, since I announced this BIG GIVEAWAY yesterday (which, if you haven't entered yet, you totally need to), I decided to change my "so what's" into Thursday Thoughts...same concept, just on a different day with a different name.  Am I confusing you yet?  Hope not.  Here we go...

  • So the hubs and I ordered half a steer two weeks ago.  Sound strange??  Welp, if you are from Nebraska or anywhere in the midwest actually, you know just what I am talking about.  My Dad is a rancher, and has over 5,000 head of cows, bulls and calves.  He also has a few animals a year that he strictly fattens up (in the pasture and with corn) that are strictly raised for the purpose of eating.  Hence, the half a steer we will be consuming come Sunday.  This may gross some of y'all out.  But, I grew up eating home grown beef and let me tell is the BEST steak, hamburger and roast you have ever tasted.  Have you ever heard of Omaha Steaks?  Yeah.  There's a reason we are known for our meat.  There is just no better beef than that from Nebraska...yeah, I'm biased...If you are ever interested in giving some good 'ol Nebraska beef a shot, let me know.  I might be able to work something out to get you some!
  • Madden's Montessori had a little Open House last night for all of the parents.  We were invited to go and see where Madden spends 3 1/2 hours of his day, everyday.  What he does on a daily basis, get to know his teachers a little better and to see him interact with some of the other students.  Let me tell y'all...I am BEYOND impressed with the Montessori set-up.  To see our son go from a typical 2 1/2 year old who didn't listen all too well, to within the last month of him being back in school, he is a completely different child.  They work wonders there.  And bless their hearts for putting up with 18 of our children on a daily basis!  Lord knows I wouldn't have the patience for that!!
  • The last three days, after I've picked Madden up from school we have headed straight to the pool to spend a couple hours trying to avoid the 100+ degree heat we have been having this week.  And I have a confession to make: remember all of the times that I complained about swimming lessons?  You know, hopping in knee deep water and trying to wrangle a 2 year old?  Remember how I despised that??  Well, I am now putting my foot in my mouth.  This kid really did learn something.  We put on his new puddle jumper that we got last week and we go to the deeper end of the pool (away from all of the screaming toddlers) and I just let him go to town.  He's like a little fish.  So I guess those lessons actually paid off.  I guess sometimes I am wrong...
  • I spent an hour last night putting together this little "bouquet" for my sister's party.  Over 100 dum-dum's later, I think this little "suck for a buck" turned out pretty cute!  Now, do you think we can get them all sold on Saturday night??  You better believe we are going to try our hardest!
Well, I know this post was completely random and all over the place, but those are my thoughts for this lovely Friday Eve!  I've gotta run...I've got 150 Jello shots to make...wish me luck!

Until next time...


  1. what IS up with this heat?! Why not get it out of the back in july and let us have some fall weather soon!?

    Shout out to NEB. beef, it's the only way to go!! :)

  2. I'm so jealous that you're getting half a steer! It doesn't sound weird to this Missouri girl at all--fresh, home-grown butchered beef is absolutely the best meat I've ever eaten. It makes such a difference in burgers, that it's almost physically painful to eat frozen grocery store patties!

    Your suck for a buck turned out really cute. You're all gonna have so much fun partying it up!

  3. I refuse to buy any type of beef from the grocery store since we've had "fresh". The taste is so much better and works out to be so much cheaper if you break it all down! We are working on fattening up a pig too. I'm way to excited about all that!!

  4. Aw lots of good stuff going on for you girl. I love the bouquet you made. How creative. And how cool that your dad is rancher?!

  5. Um, how cute is that sucker boquet?! Love that idea!!

  6. I love the bouquet you made! It's awesome! I found you through Holly and her scavenger hunt :)

  7. I love the bouquet you made! It's awesome! I found you through Holly and her scavenger hunt :)

  8. I love the cute video! Madden is just adorable!