Wednesday, August 7, 2013

So What?

Hey there lovelies! I'm back. Sorry for the "no-show" yesterday...the day slipped away from me as I was running a hundred errands, cleaning, laundry and adjusting to Madden being back in morning routine is a lot more rushed now that we have to be out the door by 8 am. But, I am glad to actually have a routine again, so I should just stop with the complaining!

Anyway, since it is Wednesday, it's time for me to say "so what" and for another edition of "so what Wednesday"...

So what:

If this post is coming to you straight from my phone after 3:00 in the afternoon. I promise I will get into this "back to school" swing of things shortly...just hang with me!

If I'm addicted to a sweet little frozen treat that I found at Costco yesterday...I don't feel guilty about eating half the bag in one sitting either since all it contains is pineapple...have y'all ever tried frozen pineapple?? Absolutely delish. Lemme tell ya! I've had this for dessert for my last two meals and it definitely hits my sweet tooth without the guilt...double win! You can find it in the frozen fruit aisle. Go get yoself some...

If I'm scrambling to find a babysitter for 5:30...tonight...the hubs just texted me and said he needed me to come to a dinner with a potential client tonight and work my "womanly charm" on him...of course I'm trying my hardest, as I can't pass up a steak dinner with endless wine, but have y'all ever tried to get a babysitter with only 4 hours notice?? It's next to impossible...keep your fingers crossed for me!!

If I have been living in flowy tops and dresses the past few days...all this medication that I'm on has made me bloat up like a stuffed pig. I know it will all be worth it (hopefully) but until then, those are the only things I feel comfortable in! Wahhhh!!! :(

If I only spent $65 on 20 items for Madden for this fall/winter at a consignment sale this morning. That included everything from a Gap wool peacoat, a Ralph Lauren jacket, two pairs of Gap khakis, and about 15 Gap, j crew and Ralph Lauren sweaters, sweatshirts and button ups. I definitely had great luck and am not ashamed to admit I consigned it all...he's just going to outgrow it all in a few months anyway, right??! 

If I'm going through my closet tomorrow and going to purge about half of it. Have you ever just walked into your closet, looked around and hated the majority of what was in there. Yep. I'm at that point...hence the itch to purge. Question for y'all...if I posted some of my things on this 'ol blog, would any of y'all be interested?? Just throwin that idea out there. If I get enough interest, I'll definitely do a closet sale! Keep that in mind!

Alright's time for me to sign off. Gotta find that babysitter, get cleaned up and figure out what to wear...the clock is a tickin!

Until next time...


  1. Hope you found your sitter!! And way to go on all the fabulous finds!! xoxo

  2. Hope you found a sitter! Yay for great deals. I'm looking forward to our local consignment sale to get a few items for the boys. We already have some, but I can't pass up the deals. I just did the same thing recently with my clothes. It feels good to just get rid of some of my clothes sometimes.

  3. I would love to see your cute stuff for sale! And that pineapple fro-yo sounds delish! Enjoy the rest of your week, Jenna!

  4. I love consignment shopping for myself and I *hopefully* will never outgrow it! It sounds like you scored some awesome finds for the little man. I would love to visit your "closet sale!"