Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thankful Thursday

As another Thursday rolls around, I can hardly believe just how fast this month is flying by!  How is it possible that one week from today is Halloween and then it's November!  And as with every Thursday, I take the time to be thankful.  But for some reason this week I am just feeling very, very thankful...

So with that, let's get to it.  And if you would like to, please link up with us and tell us what you are thankful for.  We all have things in our life that we are grateful for and there is no better place than here to share what those things are!

This boy never ceases to amaze me.  Last night, after dinner, he looked at me and goes "Mama, fank you for making dinner for me and Daddy.  It was derishus."  I am thankful every single day for him and I am beyond grateful that God made me his Mama! 
You are probably wondering why on Earth I would be thankful for a screen shot of our local weather, huh??  While our weather right now is right on par with typical October in Nebraska, If you look at Sunday, I am especially grateful for that little number right there.  We have family pictures scheduled for that day outside and I would love nothing more than to have it sunny and 63!
These two.  I am over the moon thankful for that man in the cowboy hat right there.  He makes my sister happier than I have ever seen her and they make the perfect couple.  I could not be more thankful to have him as my new brother-in-law and for my baby sis to now be a Mrs.!
This girl right here...Stefanie from Stealing Sweet Kisses.  Y'all, I have 'met' a lot of you through this whole blogging process, and I am beyond grateful for each and every single one of you.  I consider y'all more of my friends than a lot of my real life friends and I will forever be thankful for blogging to bring us together!  But this girl is like my soul sister.  Again, I have never met her in real life, as she lives in Florida...but we talk almost daily via email and now texts and I honestly miss her if I haven't talked to her in more than a couple days.  She just gets me, and I do her.  She lifts me up when I am down, encourages me when I want to give up and celebrates with me in the joys.  She is an amazing woman, and I cannot thank her enough for being one of my best friends!  Love you Stefanie!!
My Crockpot.  Yes, I am thankful for this little guy right here.  This time of year is my absolute favorite for this bad boy.  There is nothing better than dumping a bunch of ingredients in there and just letting them stew and cook all day long...and then to walk in the house after it's been working all day to the yummy aroma that fills the house.  I'm finding that almost everything can be made in this little magic worker!
Now it's up to you...what are you thankful for?  You don't have to wait until Thanksgiving to give thanks!
Until next time...


  1. Great list. Its so cute how polite your little man is...

  2. If my son ever says thank you for dinner, I will probably be a sobbing mess because that is the most precious thing. How sweet!

  3. You're a great momma, Jenna!! And that shows from little man! He's so cute!!
    And I'm thankful for your sweet blog!!!! Glad to have found you :)

  4. UMMMM, JENNA!!!!!!!! Seriously!! These hormones can't handle this sweet post!!!! You know me....crying in my office....AGAIN!

    I'm very thankful for you, too!!! I was actually just about to text you this morning and then I saw THIS!! Soooo happy to make your "thankful list" this week!!! You don't know how much this means to me!!! After this past week and all that it's entailed, I'm so happy to have you and be there during all of life's challenges and joys!!! I can't wait to see what life has in store for us and our perfect, little families! Praying for good things and God's continued blessings!!!!

    Love you!!!

    1. And I think you meant to say "haven't met her in real life YET!" :) This WILL be happening, ma'am!!!!

  5. I'm a big Crock Pot fan too! Love walking in the house and smelling what's been cooking all day AND having dinner all ready to go... so awesome!

  6. Beautiful list to be thankful for. I am really looking for a big crockpot. May have to check this one out.

  7. love this list! very sweet. isn't it amazing how we can connect with someone we haven't met.