Wednesday, January 8, 2014

So What??

It's been a hot minute since I last linked up for the "so what Wednesday" link up, and I'm just feeling so "blah" today, so this just fit perfectly! 

Here's what I'm saying "so what" to today...

So what:

-If I am living on (cold) honey crisp apples and clementines...I'm not just talking about a couple a day, I'm saying like at least 4 apples a day and about 10-12 clementines. Is this normal? I guess things could be worse. :)

-If, Speaking of food, one new, weird lunch craving is cottage cheese. But not just plain cottage MUST be topped with salsa or sirracha! 

-If, I used almost all of my Christmas money on new workout gear...I mean, you can't beat Old Navy's active sale!! I may have gotten 5 pairs of new compression capris this past weekend when they were $10 a pair...and maybe 6 or 7 new "baby friendly" workout tanks. Whoops! At least if I feel like I look cute, I will be more motivated to not skip a workout!

-If I need to invest in some new bras...I never thought I'd see the day where these bad boys jump two cup sizes...and we are only 16 weeks in. I'm kind of scared to see where I end up in 23 weeks. The hubs has no complaints though ;) (in a look, but don't touch, kind of way) ha!

-If my laundry pile is the size of a mountain. Granted, it's all clean and folded, it's just in one big pile. Am I the only one who's least favorite part of laundry is putting it all away? I have made it a priority for our next house to have the laundry room in the master amazing would that be?!

-If, now that Christmas and New Years are over, I'm ready for spring. I hate this time of's too cold to go outside, everything is dead, and it's just ugly outside. Plus, Madden and I are getting a little bit of cabin fever being stuck inside day after day!

-If the hubs and I are OBSESSED with Breaking Bad...we will watch at least one, if not two episodes at night on Netflix, and we can't get enough! Anybody else fanatics?? We also need suggestions for the next series to start after this one...we are almost through season five and I'm dreading the finale because I don't want it to end!

Well, y'all, have yourself a great Hump Day! 

Until next time...


  1. Let me tell you....we were on a Breaking Bad B.I.N.G.E. when we started watching it!!! I mean...3-4 episodes at a time!! It's SO good!! I hated to see it end too :'-(

    Now... we've moved to Parenthood.

    I opposites, but it's a really good show as well!

  2. We love breaking bad tooM we just started season 3. I also watch parenthood but hubby doesn't seem interested. That'll be my girl show ;)

  3. I'm waiting for the rest of season 5 to be released... is it all there yet?! I also watched all of Parenthood & Orange is the New Black. OITNB isn't for everyone, just a warning!

  4. I haven't seen Breaking Bad but everyone is talking about it so I guess I need to jump on the bandwagon before it passes! Ugh! I can't wait to see your huge boobs and cute basketball belly in another 23 weeks! :-)

  5. I'm off to old navy's website! what are your favorite workout pants!? ... I can not get enough clementines either (I'm also 16 weeks- 06-24-14 baby #3) ...I have just started watching Dexter- I mean 8 seasons and it's still on tv so it has to be good right!?

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  7. I may have took advantage of the Old Navy sale too. It has been a while since I stopped in. Congrats again on the pregnancy. I feel you on the jug thing.

  8. Ohh I'm right there with you girl! I don't mind the easy part of laundry (throwing it in the washer and dryer!) but folding and putting it away?

  9. New follower here! Love your blog such a sweet fan!


  10. Putting away laundry is the WORST!! This morning while getting ready I had to step over 2 baskets of clean, folded clothes...I'm with you on the laundry in the master idea!