Monday, December 2, 2013

My Apologies...

Ok y'all...I don't know what to say except these two words: I'm sorry.  There is no way around it.  I have been absent for the last month and as hard as it was to be away from all of blog world friends, I found it necessary at the same time.

It wasn't your fault.  It was nothing that any of you did.  That's what made it so hard to be away without even a moment's notice.  It was rude on my part, and I only hope that you can find it in your hearts to forgive me.

After receiving a few emails from some of my readers in the past couple weeks, I knew that I owed it to all of you to explain my absence.  So, without going into deep, messy details, I will give you the jist of it...

So, you all know that I haven't ever gone public with this little ol blog, but I've also never made this place of mine private either.  So, that said, pretty much anyone could find me if they looked for in point: if you type my name into Google, the first thing that comes up is "Jenna Rae Everyday Blogspot."  It's not hidden, so everybody and their dog could find me.  And I knew that, but I just figured that nobody that I knew would actually be stalkerish enough to actually google me!  Ha!  Boy, was I wrong!

Rewind, to my sister's wedding a month and a half ago...a few of my "friends" were invited and many comments were made by said "friends" to other guests of the wedding, some of which included my family members...cousins and a couple aunts.  Comments such as: "did you know that Jenna has a blog?  How bored, desperate and conceited is she that she feels the need to be pitied and gain "friends" via online?"  Mind you, these "friends" didn't know that who they were talking to were related to me, and they were a little "tuned in" so the words were just flowing like vomit with no filter what so ever.

I didn't come to find out about this until after my last post...and right then and there I immediately became sick to my stomach.  I was pissed.  I was furious.  I wanted to track them down and punch them square in the face.  But I was also sad.  And most of all, I was hurt.

You see, as I've mentioned before, I am not a person who likes confrontation.  It is one of my biggest fears.  I also really hate it when people don't like me.  So, I do my best to make everyone happy and I try to please people even when I know that I shouldn't.  It's just who I am.  How I was made, and I don't know if I will ever get over that.

Therefore, instead of facing my fears, I just hid from them.  I didn't say anything.  I just decided to take a break from spilling my thoughts on here for any and all to see.  But the sad thing is, it hurt me to be away from you.  The people that are actually here to support me.  To cheer me up, lift me up and to be my friends when my real life "friends" aren't who they appeared to be.

So I'm back.  I hated being away, but I felt it necessary to clear my mind, get over my frustrations and just spend my free time focusing on my family.  And you know what, it is actually just what I needed.  I have never felt more refreshed, rejuvenated and more ready to share with y'all what is going on in my life!  I've missed you a lot!
These two have been my rocks.  I don't know what I would do without them!
So I hope that you can forgive my absence.  And I thank each and every single one of you (whether you reached out to me or not) for supporting me and checking in on me in a time when I needed it the most.  It just goes to prove that y'all are some of my best/closest friends that I've never even met.  And I am grateful for each and every one of you!

Here's to a new month.  A new chapter.  And a new look into my everyday life.

Until next time...  


  1. I'm so sorry hurtful things were said about you. Life sucks sometimes and I was just telling some of my imaginary girlfriends (friends I met on social media and therefore my husband thinks are imaginary! :)) the other day that they are better/closer/more genuine than most of my IRL friends. I'm glad you're back and I hope the losers leave you alone! :)

  2. Love you girl and I am sorry this happened - this happened to me last November and it was not fun. I felt sad, angry, and found out who my true friends and family were. Hang in there... it all happened to me for a reason. Now I am happy, healthy, and have those around me that TRULY know me and want to be. Hugs.

  3. I have had this happen to me before, twice actually. It does hurt. I have a blog for myself and my kids- I want them to be able to look back on things we did as a family when they were young, or heck, even to know their mother on a deeper level. How many parents can really offer that to their kids? I truthfully think it's a one of a kind gift. I would LOVE to know my mom's daily thoughts from when my siblings and I were young, or what we did for activities as a family and such. Sure, she can tell me if I ask, but sometimes it's nice to know without having to reach for it, ya know?
    Anyways,I'm sorry that it upset you so much. I feel like I meet so many great people online, and those not online wouldn't really understand how special those online people can be.

  4. Jenna I'm so sorry that happened to you! I just adore you and your family. I'm so glad you're back!!!

  5. I knew something was up!! I needed your number to cheer you up ;). I'm the same exact way and mean people just plain ole suck...and I've found the truth that "hurt people, hurt people" sad but oh so true. Hang in there and don't forgot I totes love ya lady!!! <3

  6. I'm so sorry that happened! I've had something similar happen with someone who I hadn't even talked to in years so I can relate! I'm glad you're back though!

  7. i am so sorry that you had to hear those awful things and feel that way :( that is super rude. and it just shows negative things about them so really they are the rude ones and that is just not okay.
    i am so glad you are putting all things aside and rising to the top! welcome back my love! xxo

  8. Your two rocks are pretty dang cute!

    I'm so sorry that you had to go through... I can only imagine how hurtful and sickening that must've felt. I can't imagine why anyone would say those hurtful things about you... so, SO terrible!

    I'm glad the break was just what you needed... and even more glad that you're back! :)

  9. Jenna, so glad you are back! I've been gone for a bit too! People are so hurtful and for no reason. I'm going through a simliar situation at work right now. A grown woman that has found a way to badger me on really little things every day to the point to where I just don't enjoy a job I really truly love right now. Amazing how people are such haters and love to bring you down. I can totally relate and just know that YOU are brave for putting yourself, your struggles, and your heart out there! Just know that you are awesome and those fools are jealous taht they aren't as brave as you ;)

  10. So sorry to hear that this happened to you. Really looking forward to hearing more from you soon though! I was missing your blog!!!

  11. It's good to have you back! Im so sorry that that happened to you, but people who don't blog just don't understand.

  12. Awww! I'm so sorry that you had to deal with that! Whatever your reason is for blogging, it's YOUR space! Say what you want, make friends with who you want, and most importantly, be who you want! Let the haters hate! I enjoy your blog, your honesty, and your beautiful little family! Glad to see your back feeling completely refreshed!

  13. (Some) People suck royally! :( I'm so glad you're back :) xoxo